Thursday, September 22, 2011

Robes for the Family Part Lucy

Lucy LOVES her robe!
She picked every part of the design and she couldn't be happier with the outcome.
I think she's worn her robe at least once a day every day since it's been made.

The combination of being teeny tiny plus the desire to be naked all the time makes this one freezing chica most of the time.

For that reason, I knew I wanted her robe to be fleece!
She chose Simplicity 3584 out of my patterns and we went to work. This pattern is super, super easy to make and made me feel extremely guilty for not getting it done sooner.

Isn't she sweet!

She chose a pink and white flannel gingham fabric for the binding and I thought it was so cute, I used it for the sash also.

I got this sweet kitty cat fleece from Hancock Fabrics for my niece, but had enough to make something for Lucy, too.

and... to her great delight, we had enough to make one for her baby {Kourtney}

This made me the coolest Mom in the world for the entire day.

Happy daughter. Happy Mom!

Crossing necessitous sewing off the list feels so great!
But this week will be full of FUN sewing- a Snow White costume, a Mulan costume, a 1st birthday outfit, and maybe some apple themed stuff for Boos!

We're also putting up the Halloween decorations this weekend! yea!~


Amanda S. said...

Love it! The matching doll robe is super cute too.

Melanie said...

This is so precious and Cozy! And the matching doll robe is to die for.. Wish i was as cool as a mom as you are!! :) As always...Its so fun to see your creations!

BConky said...

Miss you guys. Love the robe and the doll robe makes it perfect.

beth said...

I love it. You are such a good mom!

elizabeth said...

How do you get that much sewing done in a week? You are seriously fast!!!!!

Good luck with all the costumes. Can't wait to see them.