Friday, September 30, 2011

Snow White Claire for Boos!

Well, it's apple week this week at Ella's school....
and that means new clothes, right?!

I've been dying to make my girls some play princess dresses ever since I made Hailey's Cinderella dress, so this was the perfect opportunity to sew up a dress like my favorite princess- Snow White.

I used the Claire pattern by Portabello Pixie, which still remains to be one of my all time favorite patterns. It's actually my Mom's... but I swiped it a while back and despite her efforts to get it back... I just keep sewing from it.
This is about the 9th claire I've made and I've loved every single one!

I didn't make any changes to that pattern aside from the design details- like the red things on the sleeves and the ribbon down the front and I changed the sash a tiny bit.

I was able to use my new embroidery machine for the applique -so it's a BIG one! yea! The big ones looks so much better now that the kids are getting older.

I made a little bow to go with her dress, too, using Ruffles and Stuff simple bow tutorial- I just made it a little bigger and wider. I think it's SO, SO cute! Thank you Disney!

I managed to remember to take a photo of the back, too.
I was unsure about putting the sash on the dress because Snow White doesn't have a sash, but I really love it and I'm so glad I made it red!

I know it's ridiculous to make new clothes for the Kindergarten themes... but I just can't help myself.
It's so fun!!!
...and it makes for one happy kindergartner.

I think she makes the most lovely Snow White.

Oh... want to see some of the Claire's I've made???
Look how tiny the girls are.... sigh.

My babies are growing up. :(


ShirleyC said...

It's darling! I love sashes for the main reason is that if the dress is a little big, a sash can make it looks like it fits.
Plus with your girls passing them down that sash might be an added benefit.

Janay said...

Look at that BIG APPLE!!! :) Isn't it amazing what a difference that extra inch across makes?
Congrats again on the new machine!

katie said...


Julie said...

The dress turned out so cute and it looks like Ella really likes it! I think it is great you are sewing her some new things to go along with the themes at school....I did some of the same this week for my daughter, but it was fire safety themed. :) I hope you are enjoying your new machine!!

Maggie said...

Man, I love it. Went looking for the pattern and its not avaliable any more! So sad!!!! ;(