Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple theme week

I've been having so much fun making Ella outfits to go with her themes at school.
A couple weeks ago they did an apple theme. That what I made the Snow White apple apron dress for.

Ella also wore her Dortje pants that week and I made this little clip to go with them and Ella wanted me to make a little broach for her teacher, too.

I bought this file in the morning and stitched them both out before Ella got on the bus.

She also wore her pink apple chiffon dress that week. I was so happy to have a couple of things already made that would fit with the theme!
... see... she does wear some things twice... :)

On the last day of the week I made her this little bookworm shirt to go with these little red knit pants I made at the end of the summer.

I got the applique as a freebie from Planet Applique~ I just left of the letter, so Lucy can wear it next year.

I really like how it turned out... but you should have seen the shape it came home in that day. Oh My Gosh!!! What was my kid doing at school? That adorable white shirt was filthy when she hopped off the bus. It took shout, era, and tide to get it clean again.

But I did get it clean, so thankfully, she can wear it again one day.
It's really cute with jeans, too. But for this day, we paired it with these knit ruffle pants I made with the Easy Fit Pants Pattern. I just lengthened the rise in the back and lowered the rise in the front. Ella has too much booty for the way they are drafted.

I got the knit for these pants from Chez Ami a while ago. I don't know why it took me so long to make these pants. I've been wanting to make them FOR-EVER!
I really like the quality of this knit. It's thicker and more stable and great for pants.

I made them a little big, too make sure that they will fit in the winter. This girl has been eating like a horse... so I know a growth spurt is coming.

So... that is apple week...
and to celebrate, we made some mini apple pies and some apple crisp that week, too.


BConky said...

Love them all. The little apple with the worm is so cute.

Simple Simon & Co said...

I LOVE the apple apron! And the bookworm tee...and the ok, ALL OF IT!

Bolo heads said...

My brother asked my dad once if my girls ever wear the same thing twice and his response was "I don't think I have seen them in the same shade of pink twice." You are not the only one.
I also left you a commnet on facebook I am making TWO Repunzels this year.