Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do I ever sleep?

Not really.
It seems like there is always something coming up that needs to be done.
The to-do list is never ending....

I was working on the finishing touches of Lucy's Belle dress last night

when William informs me that it's Pajama Day tomorrow and he doesn't have any pants to wear. Oh crap!!! He's right.... I remember, I cut all his pants off into shorts.

So, we searched thru the stash and found this awesome Bart Simpson flannel.

He's growing up and most of what I have in the stash for him is TOO babyish for school.... or so he says.
The good thing is that the pajama pattern I traced off for him last year still fits- so I just had to cut them out and sew em up. It really took no time at all and he loves them.

They went great with this old pajama shirt, too, which was a bonus- no shirt to make! The applique on this shirt is from embroidery boutique.

I'm really glad I had to stop everything and make these for William. I've been in the dog house with him for a few weeks, because I've been making so many new things for the girls. My little boy still loves to be sewn for, too.

Ella decided to wear some pajamas I made her over two years ago.

I can't believe that these pajamas still fit. I made them out of an old receiving blanket when Ella was 4 years old. I need to make some more of those.
They're capri length now, but they still fit and the girls love them.

I still love the little shirt, too. This applique from Pickle Pie Designs is just so cute!

So, these two were happy and I was happy to send them off to school is something handmade by Mommy.

Pajama Day is so exciting to these two!


Amy said...

I love William - he's totally a Stud in the making. Look at his expressions! Love the pajamas.