Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm getting there...

I know I've been m.i.a. this week.
Sooooo busy....

But I'm almost done with the Halloween costumes.
I have to try and make some hair for Lucy {shocker} and then I'll be done.

I shared a little sneak peek on my facebook page, but I decided to show one here, too.
Each of the kids chose a costume without a pattern this year, which is part of the reason it took me so long to make them, but I'm really loving how they all turned out.

William chose to be a Gladiator after he found the coolest weapon at the Halloween store. You know it's all about the weapon with him...

Ella chose to be Frankie Stein from the Monster High dolls series. It was fun to make and she is so excited about it.

Lucy picked Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas even after repeated attempts to get her to wear the Rapunzel costume I spent hours and hours sewing... it's super cute, though and well worth all the time I put into it, I think.

This is in the very early phase of construction.

And the sun was in her eyes... this was the only good shot I could get.

I really hope that I can work on my little witches tomorrow. I really want to make at least one for Halloween this year. My Mom bought the pattern for me and I haven't had a chance to sew one up. :(


BConky said...

I love them all. William's is really cool. I hope you get the little green witch done- ha ha