Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jasmine goes to dance class

I'm working on Lucy's princess for this week- Belle.
I'm so excited about it... it's coming together really nicely, even though I'm winging it without a pattern.... :/

But today, I thought I'd show you guys Lucy's princess Jasmine outfit.

I'm not really thrilled about how this one came out... and I even considered not posting it at all.
It's slightly scandalous and just not that cute.

I LOVE the pants, but Lucy and I could NOT agree on how to make the top.
I wanted to make one more like the traditional top, but Lucy was dead set on the strapless. It's been all about that lately at our house.

Well... I procrastinated and at the last minute gave in and made her the stupid strapless. I didn't use a pattern and in an attempt to make sure it didn't fall off- I made it TOO tight.

I actually threw it in the trash when we got home from dance class, only to have her dig it out and come out wearing it.

Oh well..... she loves it.

And... I got to sneak into dance class at the very end and snap a few pictures of her saches.


Jo said...

I'm with you: I DO really like the pants!

BConky said...

Nicole really. Put some clothes on my Lucy.

Julie said...

Like you, really like the pants!

Mrs.Fitz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs.Fitz said...

If she insists on keeping it, you could make a shirt out of flesh toned spandex and sew the top onto it and then tuck it into the pants? I'm not sure I explained that well.

*deleted previous comment to edit*

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