Thursday, October 13, 2011

Princess Belle

Well... I think everyone is better now.
Lucy managed to hold down some toast this morning and she's been talking about her birthday {which is on the 25th} non-stop today, so I think she's better.

We had to miss her little dance class today, which made me really sad. It was Princess Pocahontas day but I'm going to give myself a little break and not worry about making that one. I'm not real sure the girls would like it anyhow... although, I think it would be super fun to dance to that music. I think it's one of the best Disney soundtracks!


Since I don't have a princess to show you for this week, I'll go ahead and show you our Princess Belle from last week.

Belle was REALLY fun to make! Both my daughters have been asking me for a Belle dress for years and I've never made them one... isn't that sad? I've made one for both my older nieces, but never for my own kids. Sometimes I really think I'm a terrible mother for that. But I've vowed to get better and I think I've made up for it with all these princess dresses! I've made them all slightly big on Lucy so that Ella can wear them, too.

I didn't use any sort of pattern for this dress because I knew what I wanted it to look like and couldn't find a pattern to fit. I made some construction mistakes and there are definitely things I would change but, overall, I'm really happy with the final look of it.

So is this one.

Isn't she just the cutest, happiest, little Belle you've ever seen?
I just love this kid so much!
I made her that fabric wig several months ago and planned on making it into a PDF pattern to sell, but.... drafting patterns makes me kinda crazy. I wish it didn't... I really have some great ideas... but sitting down and writing them and drafting them... UGH! I have so much respect for pattern designers. I just want to make it fit my kid and move on to the next thing. I keep thinking one day I'll do it. I have a huge file folder of ideas... just waiting for my patience. :)

Like this pettiskirt... I couldn't be bothered to look up how to make one correctly, or to consult any type of pattern. I just kept tearing muslin and laying tulle in there and ruffling it with my serger. I'm not in love with the turn out, but it did the trick.

I used three different gold satin fabrics for this dress. My Mom kept giving them to me when she'd hear the girls say they wanted a Belle dress. Well, I never made them and they kept piling up... but I lacked enough fabric in one or two fabric choices to make the whole dress, so..... the bottom is a little narrower in the width than I would have liked... that's why I wanted the pettiskirt. I love how the different fabrics look, though, in the end, and I LOVE the red roses Lucy and I picked.

I let her choose if she wanted red, pink, or gold and she went with red.
I made 9 of these in the hoop and then cut them out, rolled them up, hand stitched each one and tacked them onto the dress by hand.
That part took a LONG time, but so worth it.

This is probably Lucy's favorite dress so far, which isn't surprising since the poor thing has been asking for it for a few years.

I'm a little more excited about the next few weeks, which is Princess Rapunzel, Princess Tiana, the Little Mermaid, and lastly~ Cinderalla! I could NOT be more excited to make these ones.

Woooo hooo.... all that... plus 5 Halloween costumes.... I better get working and off this computer!


Janay said...

yes, that's exactly what you are, a terrible mother. ;)

Adorable, as usual! Your kids are SO BLESSED!!!

BConky said...

I love this one. The roses really make it. I'm so glad Lucy is feeling better.