Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taylor Swift and birthday party.... totally worth it

The kids and I drove home Friday afternoon for some much needed family fun.
My niece Emma had her 5th birthday party and my cousin was celebrating getting into P.T. school.

We had so much fun seeing everybody. I was especially ready to see baby Sophie. Babies just change so much so quickly... I hate missing all of that.

We had a blast at Taylor Swift! It was an amazing show and to be in a suite at the new Cowboys stadium... amazing. I think the girls may have been a little spoiled for their first concert!

The jumbo tron was really cool! You can tell by Lucy's expression... awesome.

All this went down Saturday.... Sunday disaster hit. Ella came down with the raging flu, followed by me and then William. We were finally able to come home yesterday, but Lucy started puking last night and we've been up every hour since 11.

Sooooooo tired...
So everything is on hold.
No witches.
No Pocohontas costume for dance class this week.
No testing patterns.
No Halloween costumes or decorations.

Just cleaning.
Comforting my sick babies.
Washing clothes.
Clorox wiping everything.
And resting and watching movies.....

I can't wait to be back to normal.
But it was still worth it.
One day like that with my family is worth all the puking in the world.
Sorry we didn't get to say good-bye to everyone.
We love you.


BConky said...

I wiped down with blech disenfecting spray, took out garbage. Lysol'd the house. Cleaned the bathroom and still felt like my house was a germfest. Hope Lucy feels good soon. So far me and Dad are still fine. Can't wait to see the witches.

Anonymous said...

We were at that concert, too! My 6 year old fell asleep for her finale... and my 8 year old cried the last three songs b/c she was so tired and ready to leave. Other than that, great concert! Hope y'all feel much better soon.

beth said...

Hope everything gets back to normal for you soon. Get some rest!