Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!

I know, I know... I've been seriously 'blogger' slacking lately.

Sometimes blogging just seems like a chore. Sometimes I get weepy thinking about this last year I have with Lucy at home. Sometimes I have to be a good housewife. Sometimes I'd rather be sewing than cropping, watermarking, and sorting photos.

I know I haven't shown you half of the princess dresses I've made Lucy's dance class, but today was parent observation week and princess Cinderella and I just couldn't be happier about how her dress turned out!!! I just had to show you guys!

Do you know how much I love the mice making dress Cinderella scene?
I was so excited when Lucy asked for the pink dress that the mice make Cinderella in the movie.

But not nearly as excited as she was with the outcome...

I'm pretty sure this one rose to the top of her favorite princess dress list, even topping the Briar Rose Twirl Dress. I really wanted to have some blue beads to top it off, but Lucy was happy with the white headband bow... even though it turned out a little on the large side.

I only wish I would've bought some fabric for it. I used fabric from the stash and the only thing I had the right color was this really cheap costume satin I probably bought a LONG time ago. It wrinkles really horribly and probably won't wear well.

Oh well... I can make another one. It was fun to make.... even the five bows I was rushing to finish and hand sew on this morning before class.

I really enjoyed watching her in dance class. She was so cute! I was so proud!

It's been so fun making all these princess dresses.
Next week is the last class and they're doing Princess Snow White again. I haven't decided if I'll make something new or have her wear the one I already made.

I guess it depends on what this little princess wants...

Could you say no to that face?

ask anyone... I can't.


BConky said...

Make the Snow White working dress. Come on it's the last one. What the hey.

jellaan said...

The dress turned out great!! You do such beautiful work and your kids are so lucky they have you to sew for them!! Enjoy your last year with Lucy home. My little Madeline heads off to Kindergarten next year too and I'm really going to miss her!! You should make the snow white dress! :)

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

That is such a gorgous dress. Love the cross detail on the front. Gorgous.