Friday, November 4, 2011

How was your Halloween?

Ours was AWESOME!

I pretty much got everything done that I wanted to and we had a blast.
I didn't have time to make the costumes for the Mr. and me, so he wore a Spiderman shirt

and I dressed up as an old lady. I love that I got to wear one of my Granny's old hats!

It's pretty crazy getting everything ready for Halloween, but I think I've rubbed off on the Mr. and he loves it as much as I do, now.

The kids have always gotten into it and the costume making is definitly the highlight for me. Some people think I'm nuts... but I really enjoy making them something they really want and we work together to make it perfect. There's lots of sketching and fabric shopping and looking for inspiration in books and online.

William's costume is probably my favorite this year. He decided to be a gladiator after finding this awesome sword and shield at the Spirit Halloween store. It was pretty easy to make once I figured out what I wanted it to look like (and I consulted my Mom).

I used fake leather for the armor and sandles and some decorative nails for the studs. We had to put some felt behind them and then push the nails thru and bend them back. Thank goodness the Mr. helped with that part! He's so strong. :) The cape is seamed into the shoulder seams and I didn't even finish the edges- I just used some pretty knit with a nice drape. The metallic trim is from Hobby Lobby and finished it off perfect. Of course, I bought all the trims the one week that Hobby Lobby didn't have the rolls on sale. ugh....

Ella had her heart set on being Frankie Stein this year. She has loved those Monster High dolls ever since they came out. I don't get it... I'm pretty girly girly myself, but I let them choose what they want to be even when I hate it (like when she wanted to be a mummy)

The costume was fairly simple, though, which was a plus!

I used the top of one of William's old white dress shirts for the top and then made a jumper for the bottom and the sleeves. I used lil blue boo's tutorial for the necktie (it's my favorite part) and tore the patch off one of her skirts that she got for her birthday. {She doesn't know that yet... te he he} I made the belt with some remnant pleather and added the fake rhinestones with my glue gun and some chains from Hobby Lobby. She loves the belt the most. For the arms and legs, I bought two pair of pantyhose on clearance at target and drew the stitches on with permanent markers. We got the shoes at Wal-Mart and drew stripes on them with a silver Sharpie, too. But the best part for Ella was the make-up. I mixed some food coloring into some white glimmer shine face make-up to create the green skin. She loved it. She green face was essential for both my girls this year.... go figure.

Lucy had to have green skin, because she decided to be Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas {despite my attempts for her to wear the gorgeous Rapunzel dress I made}

I really like how this dress came out, though. Hours and hours went into it, even though it doesn't look like it. I'm so glad I took the time to do the stitches by hand~ I really love how it looks. When searching for inspirations, we came across this dress by Ollie Girl and Lucy fell in love with it. I pretty much made it look exactly the same per Lucy's request. Man! She has some adorable dresses!

It was cold on Halloween, so I made William and Lucy both some leggings from the Jocole leggings pattern and made Lucy a little long sleeved shirt, too. We drew the stitches on Lucy with Sharpie. It was fun.... but not as fun as spraying her hair red. Man.. it really made her eyes look blue!

Sometimes, I really wish we could do family themed Halloween costumes, like this one that's my favorite I've seen this year, but my kids have always been so individual. Ella loves scary, while William hates it and Lucy is just so random in her choices.

At least they like to participate in my 2nd favorite Halloween activity... the trading and bartering of the candy.

"I'll give you 20 tootsie rolls for one piece of gum..."
Gum was definitely the most loved candy in the bag this year.
Yea... that means I can sneak the Snickers and Twix and they don't even care. :)


Ashley said...

o my... they are so darling! I love the frankenstein. hehe so cute! I way always a gum lover too...didnt care much for the my siblings and I had good trades:)

BConky said...

Love them all. So glad you posted. Ella is beautifully ghoulish, Lucy is a sweet Sally, and William is so fierce. Wish we could all be together on Halloween. Jerry needs a job at UNT again.

Amanda S. said...

Great job on the costumes! I use to not be into Halloween, but now I like it more and more since my boys have definite opinions on what they want to dress up as. It feels good to make it just the way they've pictured it - I totally get what you're saying.

Jo said...

Ah, the time-honored tradition of the bartering of the candy....!!! You did a great job on those costumes! I especially love the gladiator!

Goosegirl said...

I love them! The Monster High dress is sooooo cute! And of course, Sally. Love it!

But, have you shown your Rapunzel dress?? I don't remember it. I wanna seeeeeeee!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Looks like you had a blast! Love all their outfits!!

jellaan said...

The costumes turned out great and the kids look adorable!! Ella looks so grown up in the pictures!! I love your creativity with the costumes!! You're such a good mom, doing exactly what the kids want! :)