Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Blanket for Emma Daisy!

I don't know how it happened, but my little niece Emma has so many personality traits in common with me. We always laugh about it and it's pretty bizarre, but it seems like my sister in law somehow spawned my child. Just the same as I gave birth to a daughter just like my little sister...


It's no wonder that I love shopping and sewing for Miss Emma Daisy.
If I like it, I know she'll like it.

When I saw this little white kitty cat fleece with daisies on it, I knew I had to make a blanket for her. She is a little blanket girl... always cuddled up with one on the couch.

I wish it wasn't all wrinkled! I forgot to snap pictures of it after it was made, so I pulled it out of the gift bag to snag some shots of it right before the party.

This was the first project that I did on my BIG embroidery machine, so I was able to fit the Crazy Cat applique and name in one hooping!

I had a hard time matching another fabric to the fleece and it doesn't really look like it in these photos, but that pink flannel really does match.

I went ahead and put some satin ruffles on it, too.
Everyone loves ruffles and it's so easy with my serger!

You know, I really don't enjoy making blankets that much and I'm ashamed to tell you that I've never made a blanket like this for my kids (with applique and personalized and ruffled up)... even though Lucy steals fabrics from my stash and uses them as blankets all the time... but everyone loves getting these blankets as gifts.
I guess I should probably make one for Lucy.

I hear Emma Daisy uses hers all the time!


Anonymous said...

Love the blanket!! Where did you get the fleece? Would you consider doing a tutorial for this blanket? Love the satin ruffle and I have the same serger as yours.


Anonymous said...

oops! my email is (3 m's in mommmy)