Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday in Whooville

Today's theme was holiday in whoville. How fun is that?
We watched both versions of the Grinch who stole Christmas several times in preparations and had unlimited sketches all over the floor to choose from.

I, of course, wanted to go a little crazier than the kids did, but like always, I let them have the final say. Although... I have to admit I was pretty peeved at Boo's for not letting me give her a who hair-do.

William wanted some plaid pants with a matching vest and a bow tie (as seen on one of the actual Who's in the movie) but I altered it slightly. Partly because I couldn't find the right plaid (this was one of only about 6 bolts of Christmas fabric left to choose from at my Hancock Fabrics)and partly because I just made him a bow tie yesterday and I thought that pants and a vest out of that fabric would make me throw up.

I used a pretty green corduroy instead and really wished I would've had more dollars to get some to make holiday jumpers for the girls. I did line the vest with the pants fabric and made this awesome Grinch tie.

I didn't really use a pattern for the vest and I didn't have William with me when I cut it out,'s way too short.... thank goodness it's just a costume! For his pants, I used the trusty Easy Fit Pants Pattern and while I was at it, cut out three more pairs of pajama pants for him. woo hoo!

I recently joined Applique Forum and got this adorable freebie from Just Peachy.
It was perfect for this dress up day!

I just stitched it on some WSS with two layers of felt and sandwiched the elastic in between to make this free standing tie.

Ella's was sooo fun to make once I figured out how I wanted it.
This is the inspiration photo she picked.

um..... how to make that child appropriate?

I used Ellie Inspired's Sporty girl pattern as a base, but added a zipper, raised the waistline, and added a circle skirt with trim.

Then I added a little black belt that was sooo easy. It's just that thick elastic with a velcro closure and a big button sewn to the middle. I love the way it finishes it off.

Ella wasn't sure about the hood, because it wasn't in the inspiration photo, but I knew it would be so cute. I wish that I would've lined the hood, but oh well.... I added a little bow on the zipper and then sewed little pom pom's on. I love the whimsy that it adds.

I was pretty mad that Ella wouldn't let me give her a Who hair-do, but she did let me give her pigtails and these awesome Grinch bows that were also an Applique Forum freebie. How cute are these???

I accidentally got the skirt a little on the short side... I mean, I like short skirts for little girls, but this one is pushing the boundaries, even for me.
I do have to say though, that the pettiskirt poking out when she spins is pretty adorable.

You can tell she felt pretty adorable today.
William just felt cold.
He DID NOT want to pose for me today.

But that's the price they have to pay. he he he

Today I have to make some Christmas jammas, but I'm probably gonna put it off until tonight cause I'm tired and I feel like sitting on the couch and watching Bubble Guppies with Lucy.


Julie said...

OMG, I LOVE them both!!! Did you add some width to the Sporty Girl pattern for the zipper? You are such a good Mom!! :)

BConky said...

These just keep getting better. Love them.

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Peaches said...

Absolutely Adorable!! You did an amazing job!!