Friday, December 2, 2011

Pajama Day for Red week

yeah.... red week was in October...
I'm a little behind.

I'm going to attempt to catch up and continue blogging, but I'm not promising anything.
It's just such a busy time of year... fun, but busy.

I was determined to blog today, though. I sewed all morning on the cutest baby set but then Lucy started feeling bad in the afternoon and I held her for a while before she fell asleep and then I started feeling bad. HEADACHE! and BELLYACHE! but I'm gonna blog today... tonight, whatever.

so... pajama day from red week in October...
and both Ella and William needed jammas that fit to wear to school.
So William got these cool football ones and Ella got some cute new fairy angel ones.

William's shirt (as you can see) is a little on the small side. I had to just grab one from the blank t-shirts pile and this was the largest one I had for him. Time to re-stock his t-shirts, I guess.

I used this football helmet from Lynnie Pinnie's adorable football set.
I Love this set!!! It matched perfectly to this football flannel I've had in the stash for a while. I used William's traced out Easy Fit Pants Pattern for some easy jammas. He loved them and was proud to wear them to school. I love that he still wants me to sew for him. :)

Ella's pants took a little longer to construct.
I bought this Portabello Pixie ruffle pants pattern and thought I'd go ahead and make a wearable muslin for her pajamas. I love this pattern! and I love how they came out.
I've made another pair since and plan to make many more.

I was staying up late to make these so I lost steam on the Ella's shirt and used a smaller and different file than I had in mind, because I was tired and couldn't find what I was looking for. This one is from Designs by Juju's Angels Watching over me applique set. Ella's wanted me to make her something from that set for=ever!

I still like how it turned out, but it looked much better in my head. Trust me. I meant to use this fairy embroidery file from Lynnie Pinnie and in a 5X7 instead of the 4X4.... oh well... she loved it and was thrilled.

She was serious about wearing that red ribbon, too. She never once forgot to put it on... but she kept saying it was 'free drugs' week instead of drug free week.

oh.. and during the time I was typing all this Lucy started puking. Poor baby.
GREAT and I'm probably next.

Stupid viruses!!!! Leave us alone.


Jenny Jo said...

Cute! I've got that ruffle pants pattern, but I haven't gotten around to using it, yet. It's good to hear you like it. Hope y'all get to feeling better soon!