Thursday, December 15, 2011

Polar Express Day

or otherwise known as... pajama day! The kids favorite day of the week.

I threatened not letting them wear their pajamas to school today because they were such terrors Wednesday night. I found popcorn in their bedrooms, despite a very strict, no eating anywhere except the kitchen rule. But I caved and let them wear them... after all.... I stayed up very LATE finishing them up. I did, of course, make them pick up every piece of popcorn before they left for school. I hope they learned their lesson... probably not.
Ella really wanted a nightgown like this one, but I didn't have enough of this Santa kitty flannel that I got from JoAnn's a few years back. I purchased it specifically for Lucy, but Ella really wanted it and Lucy never wears pajamas anyways.
I used the Portabellopixie Ruffle pants pattern to make these pajama bottoms. Have I mentioned how much I like that pattern?
Then I used the 6X10 hoop to applique this adorable Santa Kitty on this ready to wear t-shirt from Hobby Lobby. This is the 2nd time I've used that kitty, but it looks way different from last time. It's one of my favorite files EVER. Why don't designers make more kitty appliques? William picked this Christmas candy flannel that's also from JoAnn's and I just made him another pair of his Easy Fit Pants. It's amazing how great those work for him and how bad they work on Boo's.
For his shirt, I used toyed with using this applique, but finally decided on the candy cane alpha from Planet Applique.
William was so thrilled with his pajamas, but not nearly as much as Boo's. She's so funny... and such a joy to sew for.
I'm giving myself the night off tonight. Tomorrow is Christmas day and you can wear anything Christmasy. My kids are wearing something old.... and I'm gonna bake cookies all day long for our neighbors, friends, and Christmas parties. Have any good cookie recipes to share with me? oh... and just for fun... this hilarious picture of Ella. What's with that pose?


Kathya said...

Lovely work!
i wanted to ask you... i have the Portabello Pixie pattern from Sandy. i have read several bad reviews aout this. What is you personal opinion as far as sizing?i have read the sizing is completely small. thank you

BConky said...

Cute Cole. Call me about search problem- got a solution for you.

ShirleyC said...

Those are so cute! I agree about the kitties. I've been looking for some for Shelby, and there's just not much to choose from.

Amanda S. said...

LOVE these PJ's!

Anonymous said...

I need you to make me some super duper cute pajamas for our Christmas pajama day next year :)