Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ra Ra! and Recovering...

We're feeling better around here.
William went to school kicking and screaming and Ella went skipping and hopping.
I have mounds of housework, laundry and grocery shopping to do, but it feels good to be rid of that nasty virus!

I'm ready to put up Christmas decorations, get this house back in shape, get ready for the holidays, and get some sewing done! The kids have a slew of costumes they need made for school next week... but until then...
I thought I'd pop in and show you another red week day.

It was black and gold day- which is the high school's school colors.
My high school was black and gold, too, so it was super fun to make these outfits!

I wanted to try and make Ella a cheerleading uniform that looked exactly like one of my high school uniforms, but decided just to make it easy on myself and use a pattern.

I used Simplicity 3689. I made the size 6, but had to take it in about 2 inches on each side. I don't know why they have so much ease built into it when it has a back zipper. I also added some larger darts to the skirt back. Ella has a tiny waist.

After careful consideration about what to put on the front of the uniform, I just merged these designs to make the little cheer applique. That way it's generic enough for anyone to wear it when it's time to pass it down.

I've made cheerleading uniforms before, but this may be my favorite that I've ever made. I really love the little a line skirt with the notch out. Having the trim (that I got from my Mom) really helped it look authentic.

And I'm pretty sure that this is Ella's favorite thing that I've ever made her.
Yep... she loves it that much.
It's really cute.
She was all smiles when she came home from school. She said the big girls kept saying... "are you a REAL cheerleader?" cute.

I wasn't quite as thrilled about how William's turned out. I used the lil blue boo hoodie pattern, but I guess it doesn't work well for fleece. He could barely squeeze into it. He managed, though, and wore it to school, but will probably never wear it again. Plus, I didn't get a good placement on the football applique. (which is another from this adorable Lynnie Pinnie set) I wish it was just a little bit lower... or had some kind of something else on there. William wanted to put 'go, fight, win', but I thought that was kinda stupid.

Aren't they cute, though!?
I love making them special stuff to wear to school.
I can't wait until next week! They have a whole week of Christmas costumes to wear!
woo hoo! I hope I can get everything done that I've sketched out in my head!


BConky said...

You know I love these. Stinks William's is to small.

daniKate designs said...

That cheerleading outfit is so cute and looks great. I'm sorry the hoodie didn't work out for you, it looks great also!

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

I was wondering where did you find the trim? I have looked everywhere with absolutely no luck at all?