Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stomach virus part two

yep... I caught it, again.
It's so horrible!
I got it worse than the kids this time...

My Mom always said I never did things by halves... I guess that extends to stomach viruses as well as other things.

Praying I feel better soon so I can do all the fun sewing and baking I have in store.

I let the kids open a present under the tree this morning.
That made me feel better...

I mean, how could this not make you feel better?

I love her little outfit today.
She loves that frog swimsuit my Mom made her so much...complete with winter tights.
And when I told her she looked cute today, she said, "Ella did the hairstyling."



Kimberly said...

Love the outfit and her response. I hope you feel better soon.

BConky said...

hide the swimsuit it's cold duh

Simple Simon & Co said...

Feel better!!!