Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wrapping up Red Week

well... I didn't make anything else for red week, but I thought I'd show you the other days just the same.

They're funny.

First up- red day- and I was a little in the dog house for not making anything 'NEW'.
I had to explain to Ella that even though she had worn her Danny skirt and Scotty dog sweater before, that is WAS new because she hadn't worn it to school yet.
I finally succeeded and she was happy. Especially when I let her wear these fake glasses to school.

William cracked me up because he had to go full red with the gloves. Love it.

Next up- hat day- easy peasy. I had found this Justin Bieber fedora at Claire's for 2 bucks!!!! Ella loved it. You could tell she thought she was SO COOL. William wore his tried and true Mario hat I made a few years back. Lucy wore some fake glasses. I guess that's the cool thing around here right now.

And the funniest day was the last day....
crazy hair day.

I wanted William to wear this:

but he wasn't too happy with that. So, I spiked his hair up and sprayed it orange or something... but I forgot to snap a picture of it.

This one is the one I want to remember anyhow. Isn't he pathetic?
Mom is trying to make him wear this to school. ha! I love it.
I didn't let Ella have crazy hair. She had a field trip that day and wore this.

Red week done.
What will I show you tomorrow?
I can't think of that now. I've been summoned.
We got snow last night, so Lucy is having our traditional snow bath and she needs another bucket.

This is actually our 2nd snow of the season and it was a nice full snow.
Here's Lucy playing in the first snow.
Isn't she cute. :)


BConky said...

Poor William. Not everyone wants to dress crazy Mom. Are Lucy's shoes on the wrong feet?