Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barbie Jumper All Dolled up!

Most of the time Boo's and I plan her outfits together... choosing the patterns and fabrics and accessories... but this time, Ella did all the choosing.

She's been eyeing the clothes in the "All Dolled Up" sewing book by Joan Hinds for ages. It felt good to use one of the patterns in there, also. She chose the jumper pattern and it was very easy to make. The only pattern piece I had to trace off was the pocket. Which are SO, SO cute.


She just loves it when I make her dolls clothes to match. She loves to make the little doll model, too. Look how she was making her doll put her hand in her pocket like her.... so cute.

I had to buy three packs of those little heart buttons to get enough of the right size and color to make these two jumpers. I need to figure out something else to do with those, now....

I just love watching her little face light up when 'Emma' and she are matching!

I didn't make Emma a bow, though, just one for Boos. I covered a button with some of the Barbie fabric. It's not my favorite bow, but Ella really wanted Barbie on it.

Oh.... and guess what guys? I was featured on the Simplicity facebook page! Go check it out. I'm pretty tickled by it.


BConky said...

She did pretty good picking her fabrics. I would have used a solid where she used the black and pink print to show off the pockets better. But good job Ella Boo Boo. It's cute Cole. Love the doll modeling. Congrats on Simplicity.

Claudia J said...

Where did you get the awsome fabric?