Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a bird... It's a plane....

It's a Superman fleece pullover hoodie!

Although, I can barely take any credit for this one. My Mom made William a Kentucky Wildcats one a few months ago and he has worn it every single day since.

So, she ordered some fleece and cut out three more. This one was half done when I was leaving home, so she sent it home with me to finish.

I don't even know what pattern she used. I thought it was Jalie, but I looked on their site and didn't see any like it... so maybe it is a Kwik Sew???
If you really want to know, email me and I'll ask her.
***Edited to add pattern info: Kwik Sew 3773. ***

My favorite parts about these is that the boy loves them, they're easy to wash and dry, don't wrinkle when he wads them up in his backpack, they're soft, stylish, easy to make, and, of course, the pockets~ they're great for stashing kleenexes, rocks, and notes.

Mom did so good cutting out the Superman to go on the pocket!

William was so trilled when I finished this up. It sat in pieces on the sewing desk for a few days before I got to it.

 Isn't he cute!?

... I mean, cool!?


BConky said...

I'm so proud of you finishing it. I'm glad he likes it. He is so stinking cute.

jellaan said...

Love it!! I think my son would love something like this. Please, find out what pattern it is....I want it!! :)

katie said...

I love this! I do so much for my little girl and very little for my boys :( They would LOVE this!! Please find out what pattern your mom used! I would love to do this for my boys too.

~Beth D. said...

I have a niece who would love this!