Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rapunzel outfit and matching 18 inch doll clothes

Boos just loves this little outfit I made her.

I made it before Christmas, but hadn't let her wear it yet, because I hadn't made the bow or had her model it. She is so excited to have it and wore it to school today!

I used the Miss Muffet pattern for the skirt, which remains to be one of my favorite skirt patterns, and Planet Applique's Rapunzel applique for the top. Although, I really wish I would have made this with Lynnie Pinnie's rendition, which is just so much cuter and more detailed, but I had already purchased and appliqued this shirt before Lyndsey put her's out.

 The bow was made this week out of some 1/2 off ribbon spools from Hobby Lobby. Have I told you how much I love their matching ribbons and fabric. Tooo cute!

The girls went thru a phase where they didn't want to wear bows, but Ella has decided they're cool again. YEA!!!! Do you know how happy that makes me?

 I also made her baby a coordinating skirt and shirt.
The skirt is my own pattern (which I am going to share with you guys just as soon as I can figure out how to put a download on the blog... any help there?) and the shirt is by Precious Patterns. I used a new pattern I got for .99 on MLK day (Simplicity 1928) but you can also get it on It was simple to make and took very little fabric. I know I'll make these again.

I also added a little applique from the skirt fabric on her little shirt. Easy and quick!

Ella loves it so much when I make matching doll clothes.
It's pretty fun, too, and also rewarding. I love seeing this look on her face.

She's getting so anxious to grow up... maybe if I keep making doll clothes, she'll stay little forever...


BConky said...

I love this outfit. Like the matching bow. Doll clothes just take it over the top

Lyn said...

Love the doll clothes. Do you think the clothes will fit a 20/21 inch doll? My friend bought her grandaughter a "Karito" doll and she is taller then A.G. doll. Love to make her some clothes.

Cole's Corner said...

I don't know if these doll clothes would fit the Karito Kids dolls, but I know that Liberty Jane Patterns carries some specifically for those dolls.

I've been happy with their patterns and I'm pretty sure there are some free ones on there you can try.

Lee said...

Nicole, where is the Dolly's hair bow?! ;)