Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter capes for the girls

My little cuties! :)

I guess these are technically called ponchos, but that word just brings to mind a horrible looking thing my best friend wore in high school. I stole it from his closet and hid it under my bed because it was so ugly. It was big and bulky and itchy and black, gray and white striped. Ugh... horrible. Kinda like this thing, but much worse, if you can imagine that.
I never gave it back to him. I threw it away when I moved from my apartment to my first house. ha! I saved him from a fashion disaster... but I guess that was pretty horrible of me. I'm cracking up just remembering it. I'm so evil.
Anyways... I used this pattern, McCall's 6431. It was one of the new ones this fall and I thought it would be so cute. My Mom made some capes for my little sister's like this when they were little and they loved them.
I love how they turned out. They are so warm and sweet and easy. I don't think the girls are as thrilled with them as I am, however. They love the fabrics and how they look, but they are difficult to play in. They aren't very wide in the body, which makes it difficult to move your arms freely and the neckline is wide, which makes for cold shoulders and necks.
They were very simple to put together and I'll probably make the version with the zipper next time. Yes~ there will be a next time, I really like the ease and look of capes. I'll most likely make it in a solid. While the girls love the printed fleece, it doesn't really work for me.
Although, I really LOVE Lucy's fleece. They are both from Hancock Fabrics, but Lucy's is printed so nicely and it's so soft.
My Mom bought them both for me when she came and visited back in October.
Lucy loves the little kitties, so I fussy cut one for the kangaroo pocket on the front.
I wanted to make them little hats to match their capes. Ella's with an icecream or cupcake applique and Lucy's with a kitty cat... but I just haven't gotten to it. Probably won't. I'm ready to dive into those new patterns!


BConky said...

I ended up making Alyssa a hoodie like Williams instead. I don't know if she wears it or not?

daniKate designs said...

Fussy-cutting the kitty was worth it--it's so cute!

liZ evans said...

Confession---My 7 year old has that same grey and white striped poncho---he picked it out in Mexico---he loves it and I let him wear it all the time---I know it's ugly...maybe I should let you come and steal it....