Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Adele Easter dress for Ella

Ella wore an Easter dress to school today.
Well, it is Ash Wednesday.... so I guess it's not too early, right?

I used this adorable new applique from Lynnie Pinnie for the front of the dress.

The tights were the inspiration. I bought a bunch of them for Boo's when they were on sale the other week at Kohl's. This pair was so cute, but we didn't have anything to match them.
So, when I saw this patchwork bunny applique I knew that we could match them perfectly! That's what I really love about sewing.

The bunny is crazy, but they match the tights so perfectly and I love the grey bunny with pops of color.

The dress pattern I used was the Adele Bustle Dress by Violette Field Threads. This is the first pattern I've used by that designer. I love the style of the dress and it went together very easy. My only problem with the pattern was how they told you to do the neckline. The directions instruct you to turn the neckline down twice and stitch it. .... really??? That would look horrendous! I guess that's why their model is wearing a scarf!
I did NOT do my neckline that way. I made a binding with the same knit and I think it looks cute.

I really like the bustle on the dress and also the ruched sleeves.

I actually ran out of fabric in the middle of making this dress. The top two ruffles on the back are made by sewing two pieces of fabric together, turning them out, and folding down the top to create the look of two separate ruffles. I only cut one instead of two and Hobby Lobby isn't carrying this fabric anymore, so I had to do some fancy piecing to complete this dress. I felt so relived when it actually worked.
Check out this handy work.....

I figured it didn't matter which way the stretch was going, so I just pieced all the bits until the piece was large enough to cut out the other ruffle. It worked! Hooray!

I just love the back of this dress!

It's Ella's favorite of the three dresses I just made her... anytime I make them a knit dress, it's their favorite. Comfy wins out every. single. time.

My favorite part is the bow, though.... it just makes me giggle how I made the ears two different colors.
I used GGDesigns bunny design for the bow and I just love that ric rac in there, too.

I'm so glad Ella is into bows again. It was really sad when she didn't want to wear them.

I told Lucy I would make her a dress this week... I feel kinda guilty that I haven't made her anything in a while. She wants a dress up dress.... go figure.


Amanda S. said...

Really cute, Cole! I enjoy making things to match shoes, so I can totally relate with your tights matching.

BConky said...

It's cute. Love the bow to. Make poor Lucy something new. Poor Baby.

Lee said...

You did a great job eking out enough fabric to finish the dress! Love those knits! -JennyJo