Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ashbury top and Ruffle pants

Does this look like a Thanksgiving outfit?

Cause it was supposed to be Ella's Thanksgiving outfit..... ha!
I fell in love with that M'liss flower print last season and couldn't afford it, so I bought it after the holidays at half price. I meant to make a skirt with it, but after Ella started Kindergarten... I realized that pants are so much more practical.
{That doesn't keep me from wanting to make skirts... or from buying only enough fabric to make them either}

I barely had enough fabric to make these pants.
I had to scrimp just a bit on the length... ugh... they are a tad short.

 I really, really love this pattern, though. Some people have asked me if it ran small, because they had read other reviews that complained about that and it's probably true. It's just not a problem for me, because my kiddos are so slim. Ella probably has the least trouble with it {cause the girl's got a booty}, but she is very narrow waisted and chested, which typically makes fit an issue. These pants fit my girl straight from the pattern which is not only rare, it's completely unheard of. I have to make adjustments to every. single. thing. I make her. It's such a pain! These I traced off in the size 6- length and width and they fit like a dream- so I would say that if your child is narrow, you'll love these!

The top is made from the Ashbury Peasant top pattern by Monkeysbug. I bought it a while ago and never made it up. I wish the length on the sleeves were longer, but for the most part I like that pattern. Not much not to like, really, it's just a peasant top. I'm actually not even real sure what possessed me to buy it.

I didn't add the apron from the pattern on it. I made my own with the idea that it could be reversible and button up on either side. One side was going to be Thanksgiving themed and the other side... whatever. everyday.

Well, I've had this entire outfit- minus the apron- made since the beginning of November, but my embroidery machine was giving me grief at the time. I bought the Kona cotton for the apron, brought it home, cut it out and started appliqueing this darling design on it when my machine completely messed up.

Well... it wasn't my finest hour and I got pissed and threw the whole damn thing in the garbage. After saying some choice words and cutting it up for good measure.
Does that ever happen to you?
Probably not... anyways...
I was so mad I couldn't look at it for... well, months I guess.

Then the other day, I decided to finish up all the UFO's that have been laying around. That's how I can have 8 outfits finished in one week. About 1/2 of those only needed finishing touches: a shirt to match pants, an apron, a bow, photographed... stuff like that. Sometimes I'm a mad, crazy, super fast sewer and I make tons of things in one week and other weeks I don't make anything. I just spread them out on the blog... it just looks like I'm sewing everyday. :)

I added the little apron (which I seamed ripped one of the buttonholes thru.... grrrrrr....but controlled myself from throwing it away and mended it) That little strip of ruffle was the only fabric I had left besides a couple of tiny squares {possibly big enough to make a turkey shirt next year if the pants fit someone}

Then I made this little bow, which coincidentally, is my favorite part of the whole dang thing.
I just put some little strips of pinked fabric and ric rac in there and then added a stitch and stack flower. 

I think this outfit is okay. I liked it a whole lot better in my mind... and in the fall... and I'm pretty sure Ella hates it. She dislikes the looseness of the top and the colors and she even had the nerve to tell me that the buttons on the apron didn't match even though I spent too much on them and went to three stores to find a perfect red.

sigh.... I'm just glad this project is over.
Hoping it gets some wear......

oh... and I took all these photos on my manual mode... and didn't photoshop them at all.
Can you tell a difference?
Trying to get out of auto mode.


BConky said...

I think it's cute. The turkey would have been adorable. Hopefully it will fit Lucy.

Just us Harwells :-) said...
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Rita McEntire said...

Just had to say YES I get mad at my machines toooo!! Almost weekly!! I sometimes want to take a baseball bat to em'! So, your def not alone!! I love that outfit by the way and yes it looks perfect for thanksgiving!! (I know you made it for last year, I'm late w/ my comment, Lol!)

I love your blog...I'm hooked already!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Rita M.

Unknown said...

The outfit looks great. We are always our worst critics. The thing I find amazing is that your little angel expressed she did not like the outfit and yet smiles like a model in each picture. My 7 year old does not have that kind of tact...she will wear an outfit she doesn't like once, just because she loves to wear new clothes and then stuff it in the back of the drawer never to see daylight again. I bought a really cute applique for my daughter, the character for jammed, screwed up and I could not get it work. It kept me from using the embroidery machine for over a month. Not sure what to do with the shirt now partially embroidered because I am not willing to toss it : )