Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Boy Blue Elephant set

I just LOVE making baby sets and I just LOVE babies.

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting this baby boy, yet, but his mother is a friend of the family and this is her first baby. I especially love making gifts for first time parents!

I knew the mother liked elephants, so I took that theme and ran with it.
For baby boys, I just don't think you can do wrong with baby blue.
My blankets are the most popular of the gifts that I give, so I started with the blanket.

I took scraps of flannel in baby blues and seamed them together to make the back as long as my piece of cuddle ribbed minky from I just love this minky! It's so soft and pretty. I love that it kinda looks like chenille. I ordered it in about every color a while back when they had it on sale. I still have some yellow and purple left, too.

I used Precious Patterns elephant with ribbon tail for the applique, but used a scrap of fabric to make a loopy tail instead of ribbon. I also appliqued his name to the back. I just love the end result. The picture DOES NOT do this set justice. It's really one of the cutest things I've ever made. It was rainy and gross outside, so I had to take these crappy snapshots.

I got the tail a little long on the blanket, but thought it would be good for munching.
Babies love munching elephant tails. :)

Of course, after I made the blanket, I had to make a matching elephant softie. 

I added his name to the little toy, too, cause Momma's love personalized things.
Isn't that just the cutest little toy. So sweet.

After that one was so fun, I decided that I needed something else pieced with the rest of the flannel scraps, so I made this little pillow from Digistitches. I've been wanting to make that for so long. Isn't it sweet!
It's definitely not big enough to actually use as a pillow, but would look great on a dresser or chair in baby's room. It would also be a good door hanger, but I didn't know baby Luke's nursery colors, so I just left it as a pillow.

After, I made all that, I just couldn't stop....
so I made a little outfit, too.
Sometimes I just can't stop once I get started...

I used Carla C's Reversible Romper pattern and made this little romper with minky and some of the flannel left over. I used the same elephant applique on one side and put baby's monogram on the inside. Mommy lives in Alabama and I know they love monograms there. Plus, it's on the inside, so she could still use it for other babies or pass it down.

The pattern went together really easy and was fun to make with some cool little tricks {like all her patterns} I'm not sure of the fit, though, as I didn't get to see it on him. I made a 0-3 month size with a 3-6 month length. Momma's tall, so I figured baby would be too. Plus my kids always grew too tall for things- not too fat. I love how you can cuff and un-cuff them for longer wear.

I need to get working on a few more baby sets, but in the meantime, this is what I've been working on:

*the Adele Bustle dress
*the Grace Ruffle dress
*Birthday presents for Sophie- who's turning 2 on the 10th.

Oh... and want to get fat???
Check out these pretzel bites that Mr. Cole and I made for the Super Bowl yesterday. Yummmy!

There's enough left for me to eat them for lunch today... is it lunch yet?


BConky said...

These are so cute. The Pretzel bites look yummy.

marymargaret said...

Mamma and Baby Luke LOVE it ALL!! I get compliments all the time on them :) especially the blanket!!!! Thank you soooo much :)