Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comfy Kwik Sew Pants (3948) for Valentine's Day

I was digging thru the garage for something a couple weekends ago when I found this great knit from Mom in one of the many tubs of fabric I have in there... embarrassing. I know.
I brought it in and washed it up and promised that I would make something out of it for Ella in time for Valentine's day.

I made these pants the night before.

The fabric is so cute. It's a lightweight jersey (that was barely stretchy enough to use for this pattern) with flecks of gold and silver sparkles and little red hearts. It says love and kisses all over it. I really should have taken a close up picture of it...

That photo looks totally weird because Ella was freezing and holding the sleeves all funny, but it's been raining and gross outside and I've been sick... so these photos will have to do.

I actually have three other new outfits for Ella, that I won't let her wear to school yet, because they haven't been photographed, but it's just too gross to have a shoot. Hurry up spring!

The pattern I used was Kwik Sew 3948. I just love Kwik Sew patterns! I was able to get away with less stretchy fabric cause Boo's is so slim. I wish these were a tad longer, so that she could wear them for V-day next year, but it probably won't happen. It was too cold for her to lift up her shirt to see the top of the pants, but they're really cute with a knit waistband. I made view B. She loves them because they're super comfy and are actually more like pajamas than real clothes. Score!

For the top, I used Hang To Dry's Sequin love applique, but left of the sequins for a few reasons:
1. I only had silver sequins and I felt like crap and didn't want to run to the store for gold ones (which I thought would match better)
2. I was scared that the sequins wouldn't wash well. I like wash and dry.
3. I had trouble with the other HTD trim shirt I made and didn't want to mess with that again.

I do love how it turned out, just the same, and so did Ella. She certainly has her own ideas... not that that's anything new.

This was definitely a joint effort in putting this outfit together. I always try to let Ella have her say in what we create and what she wears.

The korker ribbon on top of the other bow is all Ella. I thought it looked kinda stupid. I also thought it was kinda stupid to wear her hair in a side/low/ponytail with the bow stuck at the side of her ear... but I kept my mouth shut. She loved it. And I remember when I used to spray my bangs up in the front..... wow. Sometimes you just have to let kids do their own thang.

and she is cute doing it.

She was all smiles when she got home.
I can always tell which outfits get praise. This one got a lot of attention, but mostly because the serger didn't catch part of the crotch seam and she had a hole there. oopsies.

I guess some kids saw it during circle time and then she had to be careful to cover up the hole.
She's young enough to think it's hilarious, though.... close one.


BConky said...

Funny story glad she's only 6 years old. She's a cutie valentine.

Monograms by Jennifer said...

How cute! What kind of trouble did you have with the HTD other one? I've purchased a few things from her but haven't stitched out anything yet.