Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't open until....

January 23rd???
Yep... how sad is that?
It took me over a month to send the teacher gifts to school. I even had them done before then, but hadn't snapped any pictures of them... so they sat here until I took a few shots. I am happy with how they turned out... for the most part.

Ella's teacher requested a tote bag, so this is what we came up with for her. I really like how it turner out, except I wish I would have made it a little larger. I love the applique, though. Ella said she was a cheerleader in high school (like me) so we knew she'd love this cheerleader from Lynnie Pinnie! How cute is that??? This is the 6X10 size.

William wanted his teacher to have some zipper bags like the ones I use in my purse, but I made hers in the 6X10 size. These are great gifts for anyone. I even made some for the Mr. and my Dad for father's Day.... I need to post those... they were so cute!

I have about 4 new outfits I've made Ella that need modeled and 4 new outfits for Sophie that need photographed, too.... sometimes that's the hardest part. It's been rainy and gross and the kids have been sick.

I think I'll make something out of the Oliver + s book today...!


Amanda S. said...

Cute gifts but DANG! 8 NEW OUTFITS?!!! How do you sew that quickly?!

Colleen said...

cute bags, specially like the one with the zipper. you must have a lot of time to get 8 outfits done. im lucky if i get one a wk done. good for you.

BConky said...

I'm sure they will be worth waiting for.

Colleen said...

How long does it take to sew the bag you sew in the hoop., so I know how much time to allow myself to do it.