Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's day.
I like Valentines Day, but I don't go crazy with it.

I sent Ella to school in a new outfit this morning (I actually made her three...) and William went in the same v-day shirt that I made him in Kindergarten. How sad is that? I really, really wanted to make him a new one, but I'm sick as a dog and I just didn't get it done. He's always a trooper, though.

I was surprised that Ella chose this one to wear today, but it's been a long time coming. I bought this skirt last winter on clearance at Target because she loved it so much, but it was too big and she had nothing to match it. We finally found the purple t shirt a few months ago and she's been dying for me to 'put a picture' on it to match. We just never could agree on what 'picture' aka applique to put on there.

But when I saw Hang to Dry's new Valentine designs, I knew this Rosy Heart Applique would be perfect!

I was really stumped about what kind of hair accessory to make for this outfit and really wanted to make a headband of some sort, but Ella had her heart set on a bow (which she has decided she likes again! yea!)
So, I used GGDesigns Heart Stitchies for the center. I really think a headband would've been cuter, but she's happy. Actually.... she thinks she looks pretty awesome.

I think that topsy tail ponytail is pretty awesome. Do you guys remember those?

Can you tell she thinks she's hot stuff?!

I actually finished it a few days ago, but she saved it to wear to her Valentine's party today. She was so excited!
Annnnd.... It got me out of the doghouse for not finishing all the Valentine's Day decorations I was supposed to make.

We did make some:
a basket liner for our book basket (I keep holiday books in there and change out the liner)

Almost all of the tealight candle covers by Embroidery Garden
...but the kids LOVED them and ran off them before I could get any good pictures. I really hope I can locate them all and get some photos. This is the only photo I have and lots of little flameless candles that don't work because they left them on all night.

Then I had the kids make some heart garland with their new sewing machine and lots of felt hearts.

It's just too bad that they hand upside down....
any tips on how to fix that?

They made so much of it, that we were able to string it across the hallway, the entire length of the living room, and even had some left for Ella to take to her classroom.

It looks really cute in the house, despite being upside down.
All we did was cut out a ton of felt hearts and then they just sewed down the center of each one, stringing them all together. Lucy just handed to the sewers. She was in charge of the 'pattern'.

Fun, fun, fun.

I really wanted to make some of those Valentines holders  from my pintrest board, but never got it done.
That's why I'm going to have a week dedicated to each holiday in the summer to work on holiday projects.
I can't wait for that!

Me and Mom are pretty pumped! We always have so many holiday decorations that we want to make and never get them done.

anyhow... happy Valentine's Day.


Janay said...

what a neat idea, sewing the banner as a project with the kids!
I bet they tip over because they are top heavy. If you stitch them together more toward the top of the heart, then the bulk of the weight will be below the stitch line and they won't tip over. :)

You are such a fantastic mom!

BConky said...

Everything is adorable. That's so cute they made thier own banner.