Monday, February 20, 2012

Ice cream and Cupcake Grace Ruffle Dress

I have been dying to show you guys this dress!
I made it before Valentine's Day and I've just been staring at it, just hanging in the living room, but I haven't had a chance to photograph it with the weather and being sick.

But despite how awful I felt this weekend, I was determined to get this on Ella, get outside, and get this photographed.

It's the Grace Ruffle Dress by Funktional Threads and I just love it. It's actually the second one I've made, but I haven't shown you the first yet. It's super cute, too.

I love pretty much everything about it.

I love the fit- especially thru the bodice. The elastic casing in the back, along with the ties, makes it really easy to create a custom fit~ which is great for slim kids like mine!

I love that there's space for multiple fabrics and embroidery.
For this dress, I used two of my favorite food appliques: a cupcake from Designs by Juju and this cute ice cream sundae from Kimberbell kids.

When I first began sewing, I used to buy 1/2 and 1 yard pieces of fabric all the time. I just didn't realize how much you would really need. I've had a bunch of those fabrics just laying around, but with a pattern like this, you can use smaller pieces. It's great. I've had this Heidi Grace fabric in the stash for-ever! I just love it and never had enough of it to make anything.

I wasn't sure about the double bow in the back, but on this dress I like it.
I think it would be easy to change the double bow if you didn't want it.

I ordered some wool felt from etsy to make the little cupcake stitchie for the bow( GGDesigns embroidery design). I really like using the wool felt over the craft felt; it makes the bows look so much nicer.

I thought I may have made the bow too big this time, but Ella really likes it.

I know I say it all the time, but this may be one of my favorite dresses I've ever made.
Ella is embarrassed now, but when I was doing the photo shoot, she was running around saying, "I'm the prettiest girl in the world".

I love making my baby feel like the prettiest girl in the world.
Even though I think she looks like one of the prettiest girls in the world no matter what she's wearing.


BConky said...

Love it. Ella's hair is getting so long. I love it long.