Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nathan gets glasses!

Lucy and I went on a walk this morning and it's so nice outside! 

Sunny and warm, but with a breeze... it's just perfect!
Yea! The weather is changing!

We even had to buy some sunglasses the other day because it's beginning to be so sunny out. It made me remember that I needed to make some more eye glass cases. I just LOVE this one I made that I use for my eye glasses, but I really need a few more to house my sunglasses that I keep in my purse and in the car.

Then I remembered that I never showed you the pictures of the eye glass case I made our little neighbor.
He had to get glasses a few months ago, so I let him pick out some fabric and made him a little case as a surprise.

He chose this pirate fabric that, I think, came from Wal-Mart... I don't know.

I used Pickle Pie Designs boutique child eyeglass case to make it and his little glasses fit perfectly in there.

The kids thought it was really cool that he had glasses like me. 
Our other neighbor, who wears glasses, wanted to know where his case was... I haven't made him one yet.

Hopefully I'll be able to crunch a bunch of em out next week.
This week is full already... I DID finish one of Ella's dinosaur outfits yesterday, but it completely wore me out.
Now I have to work on Dr. Suess day and Ella's pageant dress.


Julie W. said...

Cute!! I really need to make some eyeglass cases for me and my daughter, who just got glasses in December! Thanks for reminding me!! :)