Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sienna Remix Snow White Dress Tutorial

Okay guys...
I'm really going to try to get better about the tutorial thing.
I know. I know.
I always promise them and then I don't do them.

You know the funny thing?
I DO do them.
I {partially} do them and then never post them.
I'm so worried that it won't be clear enough, or that no one will use it, or that I'm wasting my time.
Anyways, I just really hope you guys like them, because they are time consuming.
okay. enough of that.

To make the Snow White dress like I made Lucy for the Project Run and Play Challenge... remember it?

Trace off your bodice and sleeve pattern pieces in the size you need. I made a size 4.
Remember: We're using the Sienna Dress Pattern for this re-mix.
(The bodice back and front are the same at this point) I added some length to make sure that the bodice went to her waist.

Cut out two {short} sleeves out of light blue knit. Also cut 6 little tear shaped red thingies out of knit and stitch them to your sleeves.

Next, cut out one bodice back out of royal blue knit.

Now we're going to alter that pattern piece to make the front bodice different by drawing a line like this.
It doesn't have to be exact. Just eyeball it.

Cut that line creating two separate pattern pieces- one that will be the middle front bodice and one that will be the side bodice. You will need to add a 1/4 inch seam to each piece. 

Then square off the top of the middle front bodice. Again... just eyeball here.

Cut two middle front bodices from white knit on the fold.
Cut two side bodices from the same royal blue fabric as the bodice back.

Then cut strips of bias tape to create this faux corset.
Stitch down. {This is the most time consuming part}

It will look like this on the back.
We want to cover that up, so that it's not scratchy on sweet princess skin and so that it's not see-thru.

So, lay the lining piece on top (wrong sides together) and baste across the entire piece.
Then finish the top edge with a piece of bias.

Now you can stitch the side bodices to the middle front bodice.
Start stitching at the bottom.
Press seams towards side bodice. It should look like this now.

At this point, you're going to sew the bodice back to the sleeves.
The sew the front bodice to the sleeves.... they will not match at the top.
See picture below.

Measure and mark 1 inch down from the top of the sleeves.

Cut that 1 inch off~ all the way around the top~ sleeves and back bodice.

Cut a shape like this that measures the same length as the length of your neckline. I used cotton fabric for this piece- you need one for the collar, one for the neckline, and one for interfacing (or cut iron in interfacing)

Sew them right sides together around the whole collar except the straight bottom. Leave that open.
Turn inside out and press.

Mark the center of your collar and the center of your back bodice and line them up.

Sew the collar to the bodice, matching center backs and stitching all the way to the sleeves.

Cut a full circle skirt. There is a great tutorial here if you don't know how to do that.
Here's my skirt. I made it out of (very wrinkly) satin.

Mark skirt into 4 equal portions~ center back, center front, and sides.
Also mark your bodice~ center back, center front, and side seams.
Match these marks and pin and sew.
The knit on the bodice and the skirt (because it's cut on the bias) will stretch to fit each other perfectly.

Add some lace to the bottom of the skirt or hem the skirt.
Add some elastic to the sleeves by shirring or stitching elastic or making a casing. Whatever floats your boat.
Iron that wrinkly satin!

You're done!

Please post pictures to the flickr group if you make one or at least let me know! I'd love to see them.
If you want to post this tutorial, please ask permission first.
Thank you!

See a whole list of tutorials in my new tab!


BConky said...

CLap clap clap. Way to go Cole.

liZ evans said...

Loved this dress when you first made it...love it still.
Great tutorial!

Kimberly said...


Don't feel too bad. I have a few half-done tutorials myself.