Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleeping Bunnies nightgown

Lucy asked for her bunny nightgown when she got out of the bath last night.....
and it made me remember two things.
#1. we left it at Grandma and Pop's house and
#2. I haven't even shown it to you guys yet...

I got to test a bunch of Laura's knit patterns before Christmas and I never blogged about any of them!!!

But, it's never too late and I am so excited to tell you guys about these patterns.

I get pretty darn excited about any knit patterns.

Lucy, especially, loves the nightgown pattern and YOU KNOW it's good if Lucy likes it.
This child HATES wearing clothes, but I made her two of these nightgowns and she lives in them.

At least, she did live in this one until we left it at Grandma's. Now she just has one to live in.

Yes. We wash it a LOT.
I'll show it to you tomorrow.

The pattern is called Sleeping Bunnies and it's a raglan style nightgown made from knit. The first one I made, which is on the cover of the pattern... eeeee!.... we made out of a jersey. This one is made from a really soft and warm minky that I got from when they were having a sale. Lucy loves the feel of minky and carries around the cuts of fabric draping them around her like some Grecian goddess. It's cute... but it kinda drives me nuts. She'd been carrying this one around for a few months when I finally decided to make her something out of it.

Now I have to tell you something very important. Something I ran into when making some of these patterns.
Minky dot is different from that stuff you get a JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and Hancocks. It's more expensive for a reason and the stretch is different!
This is real 'minky' it's a brand name, not a type of fabric, really. The imitation is actually fleece and not nearly as stretchy. While it does have some, it doesn't have quite enough for these knit patterns.
Keep that in mind when you are shopping and cutting out your pattern. If you use the imitation, make it a size bigger to make up for the lack of stretch.

The same week I was testing patterns for Laura, I was also testing embroidery designs for Lyndsie and  I thought this little bunny slippers applique was just perfect for the nightgown. We used minky for the applique, too. It's sooo soft and adorable. Lucy didn't take it off for days....

I'm so bummed that we left it at my Mom and Dad's because she only got to wear it for a couple weeks, but hopefully it will fit her {or one of the other three younger nieces} next year.

She was watching Tangled during this 'photo shoot' so she wouldn't get off the couch and I had to bribe her with lipstick to get those sweet smiles.

Oh... and those are our new couches! I love them. Our old ones had bit the dust.
I can't wait to get our income tax return so I can actually pay for them. :)


lmb09 said...

This nightgown looks so comfy...and what a beautiful little girl your Lucy is!!

Lydia said...

Oh my goodness - that nightie needs to also be in 'big girl' sizes for the rest of us! So sweet! Thank you for sharing!

BConky said...

It's a winner. To bad it's at my house.