Monday, March 5, 2012

Ella's Pageant Dress

So... Ella competed in her first pageant this weekend.
She came home with a flyer for it from school last week and the deadline had already past.
I told her that we weren't gonna do the pageant and she cried and cried....
told me how much she's been 'dying' to do one 'her whole life' and how her teacher told her she'd be good at it and all kinds of other baloney. So, I told her that I would call and see if she could still enter (secretly praying that they would say no... but alas, they said yes) so I told her that we could do it this one time, but that we weren't going to do it all the time.

That gave me one week to make a pageant dress... which I know nothing about.
When I called and asked what she should wear, she told me a cupcake dress. I'd never heard of that, so I googled it (as well as some youtube videos on how to make one yourself) but in the end decided just to make Ella something SHE liked and I'm so glad I did! I just LOVE how this dress turned out and so does Boos.

She chose McCall's 5570 from my pattern stash and told me that she wanted it blue.

I dug the fabric for the bodice out of my stash. Mom bought it for the girls in pink and blue. (but I dryed the pink and ruined it... and everything else in the laundry... William was sequined for weeks) It came from and had a slight stretch to it, but I just underlined it with some of the satin. The satin for the sash and the skirt and the netting and lining all came from Hancock Fabrics and was purchased on Thursday night. I cut out the dress on Friday morning, made the entire thing except for the hem on Friday afternoon, and went to the rehearsal on Friday night. Saturday morning I hemmed it up and Saturday night was the pageant.

She really had a blast doing it and I couldn't have been happier with how the dress turned out. I love the colors and the drama of the skirt and the sparkle of the bodice and the contrast pop of color with the pink sash. I really think she had the prettiest dress... but I guess I'm biased.

For a little girl who has never been to or seen a pageant, she did very well. She was the 2nd runner up (although she's convinced she got 2nd place) and also got a trophy for the People's Choice award, but the bouquet of roses was her favorite thing!

And hanging out with all her friends. Being that it was the high school's pageant, all the kids were from her school. That was neat. They were so excited to be dressed up and wearing make-up and having fun together. It was a LOT different from how I expected it to be.

The kids and the Mom's were very friendly and helpful and everyone was cheering everyone else on.
Ella  is dying to do another pageant... I told her maybe once a year.

I did have fun seeing her up there and making her gown.
Our neighbor took Ella to have her hair done at a salon (a first for Boo's) and
I thought they did such a good job with her hair!

My only regret with the dress is that I cut the five length. I bought enough fabric to make the 6, but when I got home realized that my pattern only went up to a five, so I cut the 5 length and 4 width. I knew the length would be cutting it on the skirt, but I was afraid to add length.... that I would have to change all the points where you tack the dress together.... so I just cut the five.
I had to put an extremely tiny hem in the skirt instead of the 1.25 deeper hem, which would've looked better, but oh well.... she looked pretty and now it's just a dress up dress.... it's already been worn in the backyard to plant Lorax seeds. I guess you have to look gorgeous planting a garden when your a beauty queen.

All in all, it was fun to make and a fun little experience for Ella.
Of course, Lucy wants to do one now, too.
Maybe next year.....

and now that that's all done, I have a chance to finish up some UFO's on my sewing desk, make some much needed St. Patrick's Day decorations, and hopefully some maternity stuff for me. I already need some bigger pants... :)


Kate said...

What a gorgeous dress and on a beautiful young lady!!!!!

sewsnazzystitches said...

What a beautiful dress! Was the skirt part difficult to make? I would love to try one, but sometimes the patterns can be a bit confusing when it comes to new sewing techniques:(.

daniKate designs said...

BEAUTIFUL! Both the dress and your daughter look so pretty. I have to agree that her dress is the prettiest :) I love the pop of pink and the blue--you really made them work perfectly together!

angie.a said...

How beautiful! She's getting so big too. I like that she was with all of her little friends, just like playing dress up. :)

BConky said...

Ella the pretty pretty princess. Glad she's getting some use out of the dress. She must be the most overdressed gardener in town.

Just Jo said...

OMG! Nicole, Ella looked absolutely beautiful! That was a great dress and LOVE the color! If I was the judge, she would have been #1 hands down ;)

Angie said...

You did such a beautiful job on her dress. She looked gorgeous. You should be very proud of her and your efforts. I am only marveling at how fast the dress came together.

Edelweiss Patterns said...

That is one of the sweetest dresses I have ever seen. You did an outstanding job, and your daughter is the prettiest little girls on stage!

Just wait a few years, and you will be sewing all her prom dresses, too!

Happy sewing,