Saturday, March 31, 2012

Self Drafted One piece swimsuit for Lucy

Lucy lives in swimsuits.
Literally. Ask my family. It's crazy how much this girl loves swimwear.

I love it, because well... 
for 1. it's better than her being undressed 24/7
2. it's less to wash
3. I can fit more in the wash
4. she looks adorable in them and 
5. They are so fun to make!!!

So last summer I was obsessed with those retro pin up girl swimsuits... you've seen them.... and decided to draft one for Ella. (She shares my love for retro inspired garments...)

Then I saw that Pattern Review was hosting a Swimsuit contest (and I REALLY wish I could enter Ella's {cause I think it's cuter} but according to the rules, you have to have made it this month) so I whipped this one together for Lucy last night in more modern colors of her choice: neon pink and black.

Can you tell she thinks she's hot stuff?
It's so funny when they act like that...

strutting around like the queen of England. She's so funny.

And while, I like Ella's much better, Lucy LOVES hers.
(Even though it's not as good as Grandmas she told me this morning)

Here's Ella's. I'll do a blog post on it tomorrow.

Here's the one Grandma made her last summer that she wore just about everyday ... even in the dead of winter. Sadly, it's too small this summer. Yes, she is totally devastated.

(My Mom made these from Kwik Sew 3605 and another oop Kwik Sew I wish I had. I did the embroidery on Lucy's with Designs by Juju's little frog face. Mom did the appliques on Ella's free hand)

I really like how this suit fits, aside from the bottom. I will add some more fabric back there when I draft it again. I'd really like this to be my first pdf pattern available to purchase... but I usually just dream about doing it and never really do it.

I also would sew the bands together differently, so you don't see the seams... see where they didn't match up perfectly on the side. DRIVES ME NUTS!

But overall, I really like the style and fit.
It is seriously SO fun to make swimsuits for tiny bodies. You should try it if you haven't made one.

They got in the water hose after this photo shoot and had so much fun.... I thought I was taking pictures of them... but the SD card was still in the computer... sad. :(

But these suits are so much cuter when they're splashing in the yard. Can you believe it's warm enough for swimsuits??? Holy crap... I hope it slows down. I hate the heat!


Mama Lusco said...

Adorable suits! I love the ruffled neckline & waist band. You should sell this pattern :)

HeathersSphere said...

Such adorably stunning suits on your beautiful models!

Simple Simon & Co said...

You are a fearless seamstress! I've always wanted to make Gracie a swimsuit but I don't think I could do it.

Also I'm jealous of your weather...I'm watching it blow and snow out my window right now. Yuck.

~Beth D. said...

I would so buy this pattern! do it! draft it up!

Lauranie said...

WoW!! I am constantly blown away by your sewing skills...even though this is my first time commenting, I have you in my reader! :) I will be attempting a couple of suits soon AND also first time trying to machine embroider on swim fabric...any suggestions...please?! :)

mason lee said...

amazing talent,both sewing and modles! such beauties.ill be watching for more.;)

luke eaton said...

There shit

yumyums said...

great suits and even better models, great bums girls ;) thank you for sharing