Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snow White Grace Ruffle Dress

I finished the quilt top for my i spy 'girl' quilt and no matter how much William begged me to start the 'boy' one, I just had to take a break from quilting. 

While I love the look and feel of a quilt, I must admit, I get little pleasure from actually making it. 

It's not anything like making a Grace Ruffle Dress!
I just love making these dresses. I bought the pattern on the very last day of January and I'm working on my fourth one! Then, I realized today that I've only shown you one I made. So here's the first one I made for Miss Sophie June.

I actually used a blanket panel for this dress and LOVE how it turned out. Snow White is my favorite princess, but none of the little ones except Sophie really like her. Sad. :(
So Sophie is gonna get all the Snow White stuff that I've been dying to make for my girls.

I put my other favorite princess, Belle, on the back of the dress and was sad to learn that she doesn't even show up. I'll know that for next time, not to waste part of the panel on the back.

See how the lining is a castle! Perfect for my little princess Sophie.
And I made this little Princess Crown hair clippie to match. My girls LOVE those clips with the ribbons hanging down!

There's something about them that just makes them feel beautiful.
When Lucy and Ella were younger they would put them all in their hair and just think they were the most beautiful princesses in the world. I can't wait to see what Sophie thinks of this one.

And I can't wait to see her in this dress. It's just so sweet with the little bows in the back and the side ruffles!

I love everything about this dress and this pattern. 
Lucy wants it.... and was really funny in the photo shoot~ she kept doing the Home Alone face....



Colleen said...

cute dress on a cute little girl

BConky said...

Love that dress, it's adorable.