Monday, March 12, 2012

Superhero Day!

So, last Friday was Superhero Day at the kid's school and boy did I luck out.

Ella decided to wear her Superhero dress that I made for the lil blue boo challenge a while back.
Paired with her tall black boots, William's devil cape (which we tucked the collar under) and some leggings and a white long sleeved t-shirt, she was complete!

William had it in his mind that he wanted to be a Fox Meadow Superhero with muscles, so he wore his Thing costume with his school t-shirt on top, his belt from last year, and then we made a new fox mask the night before.

The mask turned out exactly how I wanted it too. I searched online for 'fox masks' and found so many cute ones on etsy for inspiration. I just sketched it out on some paper to make a pattern and William helped me put it all together. He was thrilled with it.

See his little tooth missing? He lost that the night before! I love it!

They were so excited about superhero day! William gets teary eyed every time he talks about moving on to third grade, because they don't have dress up days anymore. He's gonna be devastated.

I love his little poses with the muscles... my little boy and superhero girl.
Could they be any cuter???