Monday, April 30, 2012

All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit Pattern in the shop!

Minus one, because my Mom bought one. :)
Thanks Mom. You are so cute.

This project has been consuming my life and it feels so awesome to have it out there and in the shop!
I'm still working on the pattern pieces for the 6-16 sizes, but I'm hoping to have it out in a couple weeks. I'm also working on an 18" doll pattern to match. I want every pattern I draft to have that option!

I'm so excited about this guys. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement.
I'm really proud of how this pattern turned out.

I did it!

Now go buy one and make your girl/girls some swimsuits!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Owl baby set: take two

I was contacted a couple weeks ago by someone wanting to purchase an owl baby set like the one I made for my cousin shown here.

I was hesitant at first, because it's been difficult to think about or see anything baby related. Really...I've got a list a mile long of baby gifts I should be making, but haven't been able to pick up.
I decided to just bite the bullet and take the job, though, and I'm so glad I did.
It came out so cute! I'm really proud of it.

I couldn't get the exact same fabrics, so I searched and etsy and ebay until I found enough fabrics to make up the set. I'm so pleased with what I found... even though I had to pay a little bit more for it than I would've liked to.Shipping it from all different places didn't make it very cost effective for me, but I love the fabrics I found.

These receiving blankets are BY FAR my most requested item from Mom's that have used them. Most people make their receiving blankets 36X36, which is just too small. I make mine 45X45, which is perfect.
Three of them bundled up with a little toy make a perfect gift all on it's own.
I love this owl from ggdesigns and was able to make the 6X10 one this time. eeee!

These aren't the burp rags that I normally make, but I really like them. These turned out super soft and adorable.

The baby blanket is really the 'beef'' of the baby set. It's 45X45 inches and made with fleece and flannel and bound with handmade bias.

I really love the blue flannel backing with the yellow bias.

The applique I used is this owl from ggdesigns. 

I also used her felt stitchie on the little baby wipes case. Super cute!!! Love it.

I put a little bit of the owl flannel on the inside for some added fun.

And I did have fun making this set.
I think it was just the thing to bring me out of my funk.

Getting an email like this really makes me feel good and erases any pain I may have felt creating the set.

Just got home from my trip and couldn't wait to open the box waiting at my front door...OMG, Nicole this is beyond what I could ever have imagined! Brought tears to my eyes because I know my cousin is going to be so touched. WOW, you are extremely talented girl!!! I can't wait to show all of my friends tomorrow! I love the diaper bag with the added aplique-SO adorable!!! The blanket is gorgeous!!! Thank you for the extra burp rag! I love the fabrics, so soft. I can't thank you enough! I will try to remember to take pictures, I can't wait to see my cousins face!

Thanks again for everything! It's been an absolute pleasure working with you! =)

It's nice to feel appreciated when you put so much time into something.
Thank you Elizabeth!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Charity Project 2012~ Centers of Hope Medical Mission

I try to do some kind of sewing charity project each year.
I am so lucky and so blessed. It's really sad that I think my kids NEED clothes or anything else when you see something like this:

My cousin, Terri Jo, is in nursing school and has donated so much of her time to the Centers of Hope Medical Mission in Nicaragua. She will be attending her 3rd mission trip this June. The organization runs clinics in remote villages (a different one every day) and provide the people there with medical care, food, shoes, and a toy for each child.

Terri Jo says the last time she was there they saw about 1,300 patients in 5 days, 800 of those were children, 100 of them newborns. They give each child that comes thru a toy and she said that there is never anything for the newborns. Typically they are given a toy that is not age appropriate. They are in desperate need of small security blankets or baby toys. Also pretty things for young girls like hair clippies.

There is a whole list of items that are needed, but I'm going to focus on the baby toys. I would LOVE for you guys to help me and my cousin make a difference in these children's lives.

If you don't have time to make anything, consider getting some things from the dollar spot at Target or the dollar store. It is a great activity to do with your kids to teach them about generosity and kindness to others. Flip flops are especially needed.

I know I'm always willing to give when I have it and I'm asked, so I'm asking you guys to help me.
If you don't want to shop and ship anything or make anything and ship it, please consider donating to their mission trip fund. Let Terri Jo know I sent ya'.

It takes such a small amount to help them.
$1 will buy them an entire pound of beans or rice. $10 can provide meals for 5 families. They hope to give each child a bag of beans and rice, in addition to their shoes, toys and medical care.

I'm focusing on the newborns by making some small security blankets and in the hoop toys.
If you want to help me with that, just send me an email to and I'll give you the shipping address.

Terri Jo is leaving for Nicaragua at the beginning of June, so everything needs to be shipped to her by the end of May. The key is SMALL here because packing is difficult (as bags cannot weigh more than 50 lbs.)

Some great files to consider making include: 
Hair Pretties and toys by Pickle Pie Designs

Hair Felt Stitchies and toys by GGDesigns

Baby toys and felt Stitchies by Digistitches

This is the one I'll be using by Too Cute Embroidery and probably some of Sewing for Sarah's quick stitchies. 

I'll be sharing a free pattern for a baby lovie in the next couple of days, so you can sew some of those up to send, too.

Thanks so much. I appreciate anything you can do to help!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This kid needs clothes...

Look what she wore to soccer practice last week.

I'm serious.
I told her to go get ready for soccer and she came out in this. 
She was so excited about her 'super soccer kicker' outfit, that I let her wear it.

Cape and everything. 
She was so proud... 

At least her Dad was taking her that night...
maybe they'll think he dressed her.

Why she'll wear this and not this is beyond me. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sewing Modkid Style: Banded tank top

A few weeks ago... maybe months... I can' t remember,
this book was recommended to me and I snatched it up off Amazon.

I really like this book and unlike most of the sewing books I've bought, I actually think I'll make most of the things in it. My favorite thing about the book is the pattern pieces. They are all separate and made of quality paper (similar to Kwik Sew patterns).

I made this little top really quickly the other night for Ella, because, BOY! she's gonna need play clothes this summer!

Edited: I forgot to mention the fabrics. 
The fabrics are all knit. (Everything in the Modkid book is knit!!! woo hoo)
The bandanna one is a really weird blend, kinda like a ITY- but thicker and came from one of Mom and my trips downtown Dallas in the fabric district. I've had it for YEARS.
The blue is some of those sheets I bought on clearance at Wal-Mart. 

I was testing this little mermaid applique for Lynnie Pinnie... isn't is cute?!!
I don't think she's on the website, yet, but will be soon. I'll try to check back in and give you guys a link.

I really like the top and the fit. But, Ella, not so much.
She never likes anything baggy. I thought she might go for it, with the band at the bottom, but she doesn't like it. She wore it for the pictures and hasn't put it back on since. grrr.....

and she what I did???

Yep. I put my straps on backwards and didn't notice it until after the photo shoot.


That's what my Mom calls a 'design opportunity'.

So, I added some ric rac and buttons to the front.
I thought it was cute... Ella puked on it.
Now she really never wants to wear it.
You can't win them all, I guess.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tie Dye Diva Give-a-way Winner! chooses #43!!!

IkesMama said...
Love this!! Thanks for doing the contest! I'd love to try this pattern.

IkesMama~ I'll be sending you an email shortly. Hooray!!!
It's so fun to win.

But for those of you that didn't win... don't worry!
Jen is giving all my readers a coupon code good until Tuesday, April 24th!

15% off the Daydreamer dress pattern with code COLESCREATIONS good through Monday 4/23. 

And, hey, why don't you stock up on some other great patterns!
 Use code BUNDLE for 25% off when you buy 3 or more. 

What a deal.
Thanks Jen!

I can't wait to see what you guys make with this adorable pattern.
I think I'm gonna try it in knit or chiffon next!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ruffle neck dress turned top

I hadn't even finished making Lucy's dress when I decided I would have to make one for Boo's, too and

started picking out fabrics for it right away.

I thought this retro cherries would be perfect, but didn't have enough for the dress~ that's when it turned into a top... which I love!!!

I kinda want one for myself.... not kidding.

I did the rolled hem on the ruffles again because I love a rolled hem in contrast thread, 
and put the ruffle on with my ruffler  which made this really quick to put together.

The only adjustments I made to the pattern was to bind the underarms with bias tape instead of turning the hem under. It's funny... I used to HATE bias tape. I mean, if the pattern had bound edges like that... I just quit. Now I love it. Weird.

I made her these little capri's, too, by chopping off some jeans that were too short and adding the ruffles to the bottom. I used my ruffler foot, but shouldn't of. The ruffles are not as gathered as I'd like them to be... but still, they're cute. 

Still my favorite thing is the sash. I love little bows on girl's. 

I wouldn't mind if every garment in their closet had a bow in the back. It's just classically cute.

And boy, she thinks she's cute, too. 
This kid is so funny. 

Showing off her magnetic earrings and telling me that if Aunt Megan was her Mom that they'd be real.
I know. 
I know Boos.

I'm gonna pull my hair out trying to get this girl to stay little. She is in such a hurry to be a woman.... sigh.

Don't forget to enter the give-a-way to win this pattern. 
You HAVE to comment on yesterday's post, though!

But comment on this post, too. It makes me feel good. :0
It's kinda sad when you only get comments from give-a-ways. :c

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tie Dye Diva Girl's Ruffle Neck Twirl Dress Pattern and a Give-a-way

I got a little break from my pattern writing and drafting at the beginning of the week this week....
and BOY was it welcome!
While I'm excited to be putting out a pattern, I must admit that the process bores me to death (so far).
I've made 8 of my swimsuits and I was ready to make something else!

Not only, did I get to test this for the Tie Dye Diva, but she has also, so graciously offered to do a give-a-way of one pattern to one of my readers.
I'm so excited! You guys know how I love to share patterns I love and I know you will love this one.

This pattern was just the thing I needed for a break from the swimsuits.

It is adorable, feminine, breezy for summer, has room for growth, but ties to cinch it up and make it look 'fit'. It was so fun to put together, too. I just love how Jen made the seams encased with very few raw edges on the inside of the garment.

I bought this fabric at Wal-Mart a couple summers ago and wish I would've bought the whole bolt. I just love the print and the feel of it. It feels like a really old pillowcase. It's drapey and soft and just perfect for this pattern.

I did a rolled hem on the bottom of the ruffles and used some pink shirting for the contrast.
I think Lucy looks so sweet.
When I asked her if she liked her new dress, she said, "Yes, it's lovely and also great for running..."
and took off.

I asked Ella if she liked it and wanted one and she said, "Yeah, but I want to wear mine like this." and pulled Lucy's shoulders down...

What am I gonna do with that girl???

I made Lucy a little frayed flower to go in her hair and I just love this photo of her. I can't stop looking at her tiny, sweet little hands.

All of these photos were edited with my new Photoshop Elements program.

I have to tell you... I am REALLY missing picnik. What a bummer they were bought over.
The makers of picnik have launched a new website called PicMonkey, but I haven't tried it out yet.
If you do, let me know what you think of it.

But first, leave a comment (with your email address) to enter the give-a-way and go say thanks to Jen (The Tie Dye Diva) on her facebook page. Tell her I sent you and check out some of her other patterns.
This one is number 50! Wow... I find that seriously impressive since I'm struggling on my first.

Some of my favorites are: (click to see what I've made with the pattern)
The Sweet Summer Halter
The Ruffled Diaper Cover
The Ruffled Sunsuit romper
Fleece Hoodie Pattern
Peas in a Pod Sewing Pattern
The Twirl Skort Pattern

On my wishlist:
The Snazzy pants pattern
The Butterfly dress pattern
Boys Cargo shorts pattern

She's awesome, right?
Now enter away. I'll announce the winner on Friday.
Make sure you leave your email address... or I'll be forced to pick someone else.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Embroidering on Swimsuits

I love swimsuits.
I love applique.
So, of course, I love appliqueing my swimsuits!

And... you guys!!!... it's so easy.
I get questions all the time about how to do it... and, honestly, when I started thinking about doing it, I googled like crazy and came up with nothing. So, here's hoping this will help somebody else.

Go for it. It's so fun. It looks so cute.
Here's some examples of ones I've done.

Start by ironing heat and bond onto the wrong side of your fabrics. Use a low heat, no steam setting and let the heat and bond dry completely. It should not be warm when you peel the paper backing off.

Then prepare your hoop by putting some cut away stabilizer in there. Make sure it's nice and tight.

Next you're going to put it in your hoop and stitch out a few stitches of your design.
This just helps me with placement. I put a pin in my swimsuit where I want the top of my design to go.

Spray a light layer of temporary adhesive on your hoop and make sure it is completely dry and tacky before 
placing the center fold of the swimsuit on the center of your hoop. Remember to line up the center fold with the arrows on your hoop and making sure that the top of your design lines up with your pin.

Open out the fold and press it onto the spray adhesive.
Pin all around the hoop~ Do not stretch the fabrics and use very sharp pins.

Start stitching your design, be very careful when trimming~ those fabrics are easy to cut through.

I have only used zig zag designs on my swimsuits. I'm scared to use anything with a satin stitch for fear that it would tear the fabric or make little holes. These zig zag ones work great. Lynnie Pinnie has a bunch available on her site as well as Planet Applique. For this anchor one, I just used the tackdown and underlay stitches and skipped the satin stitch. That method may not work for every design, though.

Now remove from your hoop, un-pinning carefully and trim the cut away as close as possible on the back.

Then you can iron on some knit tricot interfacing on the back of the design or fully line the swimsuit to keep the itchies off your kiddos skin. I lined my suit (but I think it may have reduced the amount of stretch and made my suit too small.... ) Check the stretch of your lining against the stretch requirements on your pattern and make sure you have the greatest degree of stretch going the right way.

Construct the rest of your suit and admire your work! Too cute, ey?

Please, let me know if you try it and upload some pictures to the flickr group!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nautical Swimsuit fit problems....

I have my first PDF pattern out to the testers! eeeee!
It has been all about the swimsuits here at our house.
(William is feeling slightly left out, but have you seen the cost of swimtrunk fabric??? Holy Moley.)

A couple weeks ago I made this ADORABLE suit for Lucy with Kwik Sew 1616.

I spent so much time on it- appliqueing the front, roll hemming all the ruffles and adding ruffles to the bum... which I don't even think add that much cuteness...

But see those straps hanging down? It's because it's TOO small... :c
I'm was so sad. I love it so much and don't think I have enough to recreate it.
So, it will go to one of the nieces, whoever it will fit.... at least I have that!

After this mishap.....I decided to sit down and  fully draft/write up the directions for my pattern... which I've made 8 times now. I can't wait to get it fully finished and ready for purchase. Hence the lack of blogging lately. I have been sewing! I promise you.

The good news is... I sat down and wrote a tutorial  for how to applique on swimsuits. It's easy!
I'll put it up on the blog tomorrow!

An applique changes a suit so much. I just love how this turned out... I wish it fit...grrrrr.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She talked me into it...

I don't know how she did it, but my 6 year old daughter talked me into making her a string bikini.

I bought Kwik Sew 3165 the other day when they were on sale at Hancock's. Kwik Sew patterns NEVER go on sale! I thought View C was so cute with the little skirt, but of course, both my girls wanted View A.

I told them both NO.
I mean, really, little girls in string bikinis....

But when I made Alyssa's birthday ballerina outfit, I told Ella that I would save some of the fabric to make her a swimsuit.
She was so devastated that I was using her pink, leopard, sparkly fabric.

When I went to cut a swimsuit out for her, I realized that there wasn't enough fabric left for much... except a tiny triangle swimsuit top.

So the battle was lost.

I figure now when she's older and wants to wear a bikini like this and I say NO... she'll respond with something adolescent like, "You never let me wear what I want!" and then I can say, "yes... see... when you were 6."

Anyhow... she is the happiest little girl in the world and I figure we only play in the backyard or swim with family anyways. It's not like she'll be hanging out at the public pool like this or anything and I drew the line with the string bottoms and made the full bottom panties.

The back really bothers me more than the front view.

Shades of things to come, I guess....
but look how happy she is.

This is before I added the bow to the bottoms... I decided it looked weird without any leopard on the bottom... so I cut the straps off a dress I made out of this fabric when Ella was two and attached them to the sides of the bikini bottoms and then tied it in a bow. Easy and cute.

It's those tiny details that take it form blah to ta-da!

Can you tell she thinks she's hot stuff??? She's so funny.

In other news, I started writing my first PDF pattern for kids.
I'm really hoping to begin this adventure... I need a project.

After this years changes I need something to keep me busy... and away from going back to work.
I've given myself the deadline of May 1st to have my swimsuit pattern ready to sell.

I'm scared and excited but you guys have been so influential in the decision to go for it.
Thank you all so much for being so supportive and complimentary.