Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nautical Swimsuit fit problems....

I have my first PDF pattern out to the testers! eeeee!
It has been all about the swimsuits here at our house.
(William is feeling slightly left out, but have you seen the cost of swimtrunk fabric??? Holy Moley.)

A couple weeks ago I made this ADORABLE suit for Lucy with Kwik Sew 1616.

I spent so much time on it- appliqueing the front, roll hemming all the ruffles and adding ruffles to the bum... which I don't even think add that much cuteness...

But see those straps hanging down? It's because it's TOO small... :c
I'm was so sad. I love it so much and don't think I have enough to recreate it.
So, it will go to one of the nieces, whoever it will fit.... at least I have that!

After this mishap.....I decided to sit down and  fully draft/write up the directions for my pattern... which I've made 8 times now. I can't wait to get it fully finished and ready for purchase. Hence the lack of blogging lately. I have been sewing! I promise you.

The good news is... I sat down and wrote a tutorial  for how to applique on swimsuits. It's easy!
I'll put it up on the blog tomorrow!

An applique changes a suit so much. I just love how this turned out... I wish it fit...grrrrr.


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Next time do all the ruffles in the contrast fabric (red on this one) and they'll stand out more. I think they are cute but they do get lost a bit because they are in the white fabric. I love love love the applique on the front!