Monday, April 23, 2012

Sewing Modkid Style: Banded tank top

A few weeks ago... maybe months... I can' t remember,
this book was recommended to me and I snatched it up off Amazon.

I really like this book and unlike most of the sewing books I've bought, I actually think I'll make most of the things in it. My favorite thing about the book is the pattern pieces. They are all separate and made of quality paper (similar to Kwik Sew patterns).

I made this little top really quickly the other night for Ella, because, BOY! she's gonna need play clothes this summer!

Edited: I forgot to mention the fabrics. 
The fabrics are all knit. (Everything in the Modkid book is knit!!! woo hoo)
The bandanna one is a really weird blend, kinda like a ITY- but thicker and came from one of Mom and my trips downtown Dallas in the fabric district. I've had it for YEARS.
The blue is some of those sheets I bought on clearance at Wal-Mart. 

I was testing this little mermaid applique for Lynnie Pinnie... isn't is cute?!!
I don't think she's on the website, yet, but will be soon. I'll try to check back in and give you guys a link.

I really like the top and the fit. But, Ella, not so much.
She never likes anything baggy. I thought she might go for it, with the band at the bottom, but she doesn't like it. She wore it for the pictures and hasn't put it back on since. grrr.....

and she what I did???

Yep. I put my straps on backwards and didn't notice it until after the photo shoot.


That's what my Mom calls a 'design opportunity'.

So, I added some ric rac and buttons to the front.
I thought it was cute... Ella puked on it.
Now she really never wants to wear it.
You can't win them all, I guess.


Colleen said...

didnt even notice you put straps on backwards, looks cute to me.

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Ugh. I hate it when I make something I think is so cute but my child hates. I love it- it looks so comfy!

Bolo heads said...

My daughter just saw this and said that she wants it. If I send you SASE can she have it? She REALLY loves her some mermaids :) That way it won't be there tormenting you, that you made this super cute thing and your daughter won't wear it.

angie.a said...

That mermaid is TDF cute! I can't believe she won't wear it WITH A MERMAID!!! Lu used to be finicky like that too. Except she wouldn't want to hurt my feelings so she was really good as LOVING something and THEN never wearing it which is more frustrating!

It's weird to me sometimes, all these people I used to ebay with who now have fabric lines and book deals. Sometimes I wonder what wrong turn I took to end up in MY alternate universe!

ryliebee said...

I love it and I understand the frustration with making something I love and then having my 8 year old not want to wear it! At least my 2 year old will wear anything :) I would love to get this book but I haven't figured out my serger, could I make this with my regular sewing machine? Oh and by the way, hancock just got some really cute bright color polka dots, stripes and solid knits!! (at least here in NC)

Lily said...

That looks perfect!

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