Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She talked me into it...

I don't know how she did it, but my 6 year old daughter talked me into making her a string bikini.

I bought Kwik Sew 3165 the other day when they were on sale at Hancock's. Kwik Sew patterns NEVER go on sale! I thought View C was so cute with the little skirt, but of course, both my girls wanted View A.

I told them both NO.
I mean, really, little girls in string bikinis....

But when I made Alyssa's birthday ballerina outfit, I told Ella that I would save some of the fabric to make her a swimsuit.
She was so devastated that I was using her pink, leopard, sparkly fabric.

When I went to cut a swimsuit out for her, I realized that there wasn't enough fabric left for much... except a tiny triangle swimsuit top.

So the battle was lost.

I figure now when she's older and wants to wear a bikini like this and I say NO... she'll respond with something adolescent like, "You never let me wear what I want!" and then I can say, "yes... see... when you were 6."

Anyhow... she is the happiest little girl in the world and I figure we only play in the backyard or swim with family anyways. It's not like she'll be hanging out at the public pool like this or anything and I drew the line with the string bottoms and made the full bottom panties.

The back really bothers me more than the front view.

Shades of things to come, I guess....
but look how happy she is.

This is before I added the bow to the bottoms... I decided it looked weird without any leopard on the bottom... so I cut the straps off a dress I made out of this fabric when Ella was two and attached them to the sides of the bikini bottoms and then tied it in a bow. Easy and cute.

It's those tiny details that take it form blah to ta-da!

Can you tell she thinks she's hot stuff??? She's so funny.

In other news, I started writing my first PDF pattern for kids.
I'm really hoping to begin this adventure... I need a project.

After this years changes I need something to keep me busy... and away from going back to work.
I've given myself the deadline of May 1st to have my swimsuit pattern ready to sell.

I'm scared and excited but you guys have been so influential in the decision to go for it.
Thank you all so much for being so supportive and complimentary.


Nelissa said...

Yay!! Can't wait to see PDF. Many thanks in advance.

BConky said...

That argument will never work.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you can remind her when she is older. It is a cute suit though! As always you make it seem so easy. :o) I can't want to see the PDF too!

Colleen said...

I like the one piece swimsuit the best.

beth said...

Well, they're adorable--the suits and the girls. Cannot wait to see your .pdf pattern!