Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation dress for Ella

Well, my kids have been out of school for a couple weeks...
and they had the Kindergarten graduation even a couple weeks before that, but I just had to show you this dress I made for Boos!

They had a little show with the graduation ceremony and Ella had a singing and a dancing part, so she was SUPER excited. They were told to dress like a "Rock Star".

I asked Ella to sketch out what she wanted and it was some God-awful-red-froofry-thing that she thought looked like Lady Gaga... which it did.
I said no. What else?

and she said... "Mom. Just Google 'one shouldered black dress'.

Really??? You're six.

But we did and this one one of the first things that pops up, to which she responds, "YES! Like that. That's what I want!"

Ummm..... no.
I'm gonna have to watch this girl and probably check her bags when she's in middle school.

We compromised with McCall's 6547 and I actually, REALLY love how it turned out.
A little 'Gwen Stefani', but still little girl, too.
I added the red sash to make it a little more girly and rock star-ish.

Ella really loves it!

But since Graduation, Lucy has actually wore it more than Ella.
Lucy's little boobie hangs out the right side, though, so I'm going to have to make one in her size.

This was my first time sewing with ruffle fabric and it had it's challenges, but I really like it. This dress went together in less than 30 minutes. Super, super simple.. although... I must tell you, it was sized HUGE! I cut the 5 for Ella with a 6 length and took more than 2 whole inches out of it in the end and still thought it was kinda big.

I'll have to make a 1 or something to make it fit Lucy.

All the kids got into the rock star spirit on Graduation night.

It was REALLY fun!

I can't believe that my little Ella is a Kindergarten graduate. It went so fast. :c
She loves school so much and has had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to summer, but she seems to be doing well now.
She really misses her teacher, who was AWESOME and Ella adored.
She colors her a picture!

We're hoping that Lucy gets Mrs. Phillips, too. :)

If you have ruffle fabric laying around and need a project. I would highly suggest making this little dress. It's so simple to make and really cute on!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Give-a-way Day!

I think it'd be fun to have a give-a-way! What do you guys think?

There will be four winners!

Grand Prize~ A bundle pack of all three of my patterns and a $20 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy (donated from Meg at The Fabric Fairy~ thank you Meg!) They have everything you need to make your swimsuits~ Awesome swimsuit fabric, swimsuit lining, and FOE in every color for those baby doll suits!

1st Prize~ A custom swimsuit and matching dolly swimsuit made by me!
You choose the size and fabrics from what I have on hand.
wooo hoooo~ Great for those of you who can't sew or already bought the patterns!

2nd Prize~ Your choice of one pattern~ the All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit sizes (1-5), (6-16) and the  dolly swims pattern!

3rd Prize~  Your choice of one pattern from the collection.

Look at this new picture I got from Danielle who made my dolly swimsuit to match the dance costume she made.

Remember it? So cute, right?

Okay.... there's a bunch of ways to enter the give-a-way.
{You MUST leave 1 comment for each entry and make sure I have your email address}

1. Become a follower of the blog and leave me a comment letting me know. If you already follow, just leave me a comment telling me so.

2. Become a fan on facebook and leave a comment. If you're already a fan, leave a comment.

3. Take a photo of something you've made using one of my tutorials, inspired by something you saw here, or purchased from me and upload it to the flickr site or to my facebook fan page. Leave a link here to each photo. One project= one entry. {You can't upload 4 pictures of the same project and use it for 4 entries}

4. Add my swimsuits to your 'wishlist' on, heart it on etsy, follow me on Craftsy, or pin it. Leave a link or comment letting me know~ that's 4 more ways to enter!!!

5. Go check out the Fabric Fairy and find the swimsuit fabric you like the best! Leave a comment here letting me know.

6. Share this on your blog, twitter, or facebook account and leave a link to it here.

That's over 10 ways you can enter!!! Please, please make sure I have your email address and leave a separate comment for each entry. Also, let me know if you're a non~newer and only want to be entered in the custom suit give-a-way.

I will draw a winner on Saturday morning and get in touch with the winners shortly thereafter.

Good Luck!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit for Dolly~ Tester Photos

How about some tester photos?
I don't have many... only 2.

Jennifer made the Retro View.

and Kathya made the Modern View and added some adorable ruffley trim!

Aren't they cute?!
Thank you so much for testing for me, ladies!
I really appreciate it.

Don't forget that I have a sale going on in my shop and I'm going to do a give-a-way tomorrow!

Today I've been sewing for myself and I can't wait to tell you about it.
I've turned Sunday into 'Sewing for Cole' day! wooo hoo.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dolly Swims! All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit for 18 inch dolls

This pattern is SO fun!

And so easy.
Look how cute these tiny suits are!

Made exactly like the girl's swimsuit pattern, it's a great thing to try if you're scared of swimsuit knits.
Though, I don't know why anyone would be scared of them?
What's the worst thing that could happen?

The baby doll pattern is complete with 4 different views, just like the girls pattern.

It's finished with FOE (fold over elastic) which makes it really quick and easy.

It's so fun to make matching swimsuits with the scraps from your big girl suit!
Here's the Pin Up version:

View Modern:

For Lucy~

For Ella~

View Frilly:

View Retro:

Making the girls matching doll clothes is one of my VERY favorite things.
Look how sweet they are.

I love it.

I've put a bunch of bundle deals in my etsy shop.
I think you should all sew swimsuits this holiday weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit sizes 6-16~ Tester Photos

I love showing you guys these tester photos!
I also love seeing what other people come up with for fabric combinations.
It's so good! {said like Sophia Grace on the Ellen show... do you guys watch that?}

I do. Obviously.
Anyways... the suits!
I love, love, love this suit. Sooo cute.
It's made by Cortney~
It's so sweet and girly. It's just perfect.

Look at these precious pictures of her daughter. She loves how twirly it is! This makes me smile so much!

I think all the girls were excited to get their new suits.
I love these photos of Jayma's daughter. Her smile says it all.
Jayma used a sheer fabric in her band. Cool!

Shaunee made her suit just in time for a trip to the beach... I'm jealous!
Love these polka dots!

 Cindy of Cindy's Custom Creations~ tested this size for me, too, and I just LOVE the suits she made her daughters.

She used the flat front on her younger daughter and the gathered bodice on her older daughter. (This is the pattern before revision, though. She gathered bodice was changed after this)

Shirlee tested this size for me, as well, and made her granddaughters matching suits.
(This is before the skirt revision)
I wish I had a picture of the two of them together. I bet they are so cute side by side.

Julie~ Little Darling Designs~ made this suit for her niece, but hasn't gotten any modeled photos of it, yet.
I love those polka dots!

Lacey made two suits. This adorable striped one. (Made before the revision)

And this super, cute, nautical one. I just love these fabrics!

I really love these photos, too.
This little girl looks like my Mom in  picture from the 70's. Dang. I wish I could find it.

Thank you so much testers! I really appreciate you.
I'm so proud of the work you did for me.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Bailey Girl's Blanket Bundle Give-a-way Winner!

Just popped in to tell you that we have a winner!

According to it's #71 out of an even 100 commenters.

Congratulations to Beth:

Sew Sweet by Beth said...

I Commentted on Jen's blog for another entry! I love her blog!!!!

All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit (6-16)

I don't have as many of the 'big girl' suits made, but I really like how they all came out.

I decided I actually liked the fit of the 6/7 on Ella better than the 5 and passed a bunch of Ella's down to Lucy. Lucy lives in swimsuits in the summer time, anyways.

This heart fabric came from Wal-Mart ages ago. It was $1 a yard and I bought 2 yards- which makes a ton of swimsuits. Score! I made Lucy this one a couple summers ago with it. Sophie wears it now.

The 'big girl' sized pattern has two options on the bodice. A gathered, lined bodice like shown above (which I really, really like even though I was unsure about it) and a flat front like the (1-5) sizes.

Here is one with the flat front. I love it, too.

It gives you another totally different look, just by changing the smallest thing.
That's what I really love about this pattern.

I changed the skirt to a circle skirt after some trial and error with the a line skirt. I found that little girls in the older ages have much more booty and I couldn't get the a line right.

I borrowed a neighbor so that I could make another size.
She was so excited to get a new suit and model for me. What a cutie pie, huh?!

They loved modeling together, too.
You should have heard Ella giving her pointers, like she's an old pro... but I guess she kind of is.

I got the purple and pink palm trees fabric from spandex world for dirt cheap in the clearance section. I don't see it there anymore, though.

Here's another skirted version, with a ruffle this time.

I just realized that all these swimsuits have purple. That's weird. Purple is my least favorite color, but I still like all those suits...

but not as much as this one.
It's my FAVORITE!!!!

This is the retro view. How cute, right?
I got the cherries fabric from Girl Charlee and the red and white polka dot from spandex world.
Gasp.... swoon! I just love this one so much.
It was the last suit I made and I fully lined it, since it was white.

I will show you guys how to do that sometime in the future. I took all the pictures to do a tutorial while I did it. So, I just need to write it up.

Ella loves this one, too.
Even though she was pretty tired of modeling at the end of the month.

We had to play around a LOT to get some good shots.

We've been playing around on this morning, too.
It's fun.

Check out some of these fun effects they have and it's all FREE! I don't miss picnik like I thought I would.

HDR~ whatever that means...


Very old photo~ I like this one...

My favorite~ rainbow.

Ella's favorite....

Hey! Did you see that I was in the newsletter yesterday.
eeeee!!! It's time for a celebration!

I think I'll make some cookies or cupcakes... or both today.

I got a bunch of new swimsuit fabrics from The Fabric Fairy this week, too.
I think I'm gonna make this suit into a tankini for Boo's.

How could this child need more suits, you say?
Well, they're not all for her.
I outfitted the whole family and some friends. :)

Plus, who can have too many swimming suits? Not me. I've been wearing the same one since I got pregnant with William- yes. He's almost 9. Yes, it's a maternity suit. ha!

I guess I should learn how to draft patterns for women... somehow I don't think that'd be as fun.
But definitely neccessary.

Maybe I should buy myself a new suit for celebration?... trying on swimsuits? or cookies?....
Maybe I'll get a new suit in an even 10 years.
Maybe I'll be thinner and get a regular one, not a maternity one.
We can always hope.