Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

Want to see the rest of the stuff I made for my new niece?

Want to see another adorable picture of my niece?

I can't wait to snuggle this little bug.
I had so much fun making all this cupcake stuff for her.
I think I got a little carried away.

It started with the blanket bundle and then I decided I needed to make her an outfit to go with it, so I got some more fabric from Jen to make one of those cute little minky diaper covers.

Isn't it cute!?
I love the little knit ruffles on the legs. I used The Tie Dye Diva's diaper cover pattern, but added the ruffles and instead of using bias tape to make a casing for elastic on the leg openings, I just shirred them with some elastic thread. I find that works better for baby with really chunky legs.
I used this cupcake applique from Planet Applique for the back and added the little bow to the front.

Then, of course, she needed a oneise to match, so I used my new Jalie pattern #3133. I made the sleeveless version, but messed up on the neckline a little. I cut it according to the pattern, but although the ribbing was REALLY stretchy, it didn't have enough recovery. I wish it looked better... but oh well...

I haven't done the snaps, yet either, because I can't find my snap setter. I hate doing snaps anyways... maybe I'll just let my Mom do them.

I added the little embroidery file by merging GGDesigns heart and cupcake stitchies in Embird.

Then, of course, she needed a bow to go with it. Complete with another cupcake stitchie in the center.
I love this bow!

Cute outfit, huh!

I hope it fits her when I go home this summer.

Out of my extra yard of Micheal Miller's Sweet Treats, I made a small diaper bag. Everyone loves these baby bags because they're just big enough to throw in what you need and they don't looks so bulky and mom-ish.
**Edited to add: The pattern I use for the baby bag is an out of print McCall's pattern #3136. It's the smallest version- view H.

I lined the inside with this adorable polka dot flannel and even hand stitched that entire lining by hand.
That's big for me. I HATE hand stitching stuff like that.

Then I enlarged one of the cupcake stitchies to make this little tag for the bag.
My sister in law loves personalized things, so I put a little monogram on it.
So cute, huh.

Are you tired of cupcakes, yet?
Or hungry yet?

I'm kinda hungry....

oh... but back to the stuff.
Okay. Here is a little wipes case by Digistitches that I made out of the same pink flannel and added her name and a cupcake. Love it.
However, I couldn't find a wipes pack to fit inside there.... either they're making the baby wipes cases bigger or my Wal-Mart was all out of the small ones.
I guess she can just throw other crap in here if the wipes won't fit.

I made her a little kleenex case, too. The cupcakes on there were just making me too giddy to stop.

Adorable, right?
I want one.
I made it out of the same pink flannel, but lined the inside with the sweet treats fabric.
Totally cute.

Katelyn is gonna be set!

We just have to get her to take the pacie, so she can use these cute pacie holders. They are made in the hoop by The Yummy Factory.

Fun, huh.
It took weeks to complete, but I really enjoyed making everything for her. I can't wait to see her.

And if you haven't entered the give-a-way, go enter and try to win some of these great fabrics.

And just for fun, look at my beautiful sister in law and our new blessing.
Aren't they gorgeous!


BConky said...

Oh my gosh that stuff is so cute. I'm sure Liz will love it all.

Jennifer said...

Wow, everything is adorable. I especially like the I heart cupcakes outfit

Colleen said...

Ithink all of it is so cute!

shar.mitchell said...

That stuff is so cute! By any chance did you use a pattern for the diaper bag? I'd love to make one of those!

Janice said...

What a package this is! Everything is just toooo tooo precious! I have about 12 MUST DOs but want to put it all aside and copy every one of your projects. What a lot of inspiration!

Amanda said...

Wow! Simply adorable! I wish I had a relative like you!

Sew Sweet by Beth said...

What a nice gift! I love it all!!!