Monday, May 14, 2012

Kwik Sew 3886

I've had this on my project list for a while now.

I stole borrowed this pattern from my Mom last summer and traced it off and cut it out, but never put it together. 
Well, since yesterday was Mother's Day, I decided to  sit down and put it together for myself and I'm so glad I did. I don't know what took me so long. It went together so easily and I know it will get so much use for many years. 

I really, REALLY love the thread bag with pincushion.

I'm thinking about cutting out a couple more for me (I have 6 sewing machines after all) and making some for my Mom. She made herself one years ago... but I don't know what ever happened to it. 

The fabric is sooooo cute on this bag. It was a couple of fat quarters I found at Hancock Fabrics a while back. I HAD to have them and have searched for more since, with no luck. I don't know what it's called or who designed it, but it's adorable. If you ever see any of it, tell me!

I have some of the fabric they show in the pattern picture, too. I may make myself another one just like that.

They tell you to use sand in the pincushion, {my Mom says that's to keep the needles and pins sharp... I had no idea} but I didn't have any sand and was too impatient to wait, so I just used fiberfill in this one.
I'm curious if any of you have made pincushions with sand....

There's a ceramic tile hidden underneath the pincushion to weigh the bag down and some plastic tubing in the top of the thread bag to keep it open. I got everything at Home Depot a few months ago.

I'm less thrilled with the cup organizer. I mean, it's cute, and it went together in NO TIME, but I wish I would've switched the fabrics and had more of the pink showing. Oh well.... 
Still handy.
I have one of my old Cheerleading Coach mugs under there which makes me smile.
I still miss coaching all the time. It's a toss up whether I love cheerleading or sewing more....

Anyhow... this is a great pattern and I think I'll use this all the time!
I'm so glad I sat down to sew for me yesterday. It was fun. 

What did ya'll do?


BConky said...

Cute, love it.

Simple Simon & Co said... that is useful!!! I may have to get that pattern and quick!

Mrs.Fitz said...

Cute! Looks quite handy.

Lee said...

That's so cute! And handy! I've not made a pincushion with sand, but I have made one with emery. It sharpens your pins every time you stick them in. The little strawberry that hangs off of the traditional tomato pincushion contains emery. You can buy emery cheap from a lapidary supplier.
-Jenny Jo

Colleen said...

I really like your pincushion and thread catcher. I could use one of those too!