Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Cheerleading outfits!

Ella is playing soccer this season

and loving every minute of it!
But a couple weekends ago, the local high school cheerleaders put on a clinic and I let Ella skip her soccer games to go.
Of course, they needed new outfits to wear- so I was up the night before finishing up these t-shirts and bows.

The pants are from last season and were just barely short on them, so Ella wore Lucy's as capris and Lucy wore Ella's as pants.

When they wore their own, they looked like high waters, but I think they're pretty cute like this.

I used this adorable cheerleader applique for Ella's shirt. It's one of my favorite files from Lynnie Pinnie.

I used some of that sparkly, sequin fabric from Hobby Lobby and it seems to be holding up well in the wash.

I made this little bow for Ella, too, with GGDesigns cheer felt stitchies.

Adorable, huh?!

For Lucy, I used this cheerleader applique with little pigtails.

Lucy thought it was pretty cool.

I love her little pigtails.
I wonder how long she'll keep letting me do her hair like that?

I hope for a little while longer.

It makes her look like such a baby.
My little boy is looking so big with his two front teeth out.
He was pretty excited that he and Daddy got to go to fishing while we were at the cheer clinic.

They caught a couple of fish and had a blast together.

But not as much fun as we had.

They are good little cheerleaders.
They make me so proud!


ryliebee said...

Your kids are adorable! Great idea with the pants, I would have never known they weren't bought to be capris for Ella and pants for Lucy. The appliques are cute too, I was a cheerleader all the way through college but my girls don't seem to show much interest in it, but they might get cheerleader shirts anyway...lol

BConky said...

Love the shirts. So cute. Any pictures from the clinic?

Amanda S. said...

I love the cheer tops - so cute! And great idea to have them switch their pants!