Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Mermaid dolls

I love making toys.
They take a long time to make, but it's so fun.
This is what I've been working on for the past couple of days.

I had an order for one mermaid and I thought I'd just whip up a few of them at the same time.
I like assembly sewing.

The girls helped me, too.
They picked out fabrics and hair colors and stuffed and named all the babies.

Arabella is Lucy's favorite. She likes the heart cheeks.
She's named after our new cousin, Rowan Arabella.

Carina is sold already and heading to a new home tomorrow. She will be a gift for a birthday girl.
I really like her. She's made with leftover fabrics from Grapes Birthday dress.

Rose is a cutie patootie and one of my favorite's. She's going into my sad etsy shop in a few days. We love the name Rose around here. Our new baby in the family is Katelyn Rose.

I named this one. The girls weren't crazy about her. They didn't like her hair and they wanted to name her ugly or something... but I think she's cute and she makes me happy. I love that POP garden fabric and her blue hair. She's sold already to one of my good friends from highschool and I'm so glad. I know Sunny will have a good home!

Jewel was Ella and my favorite. She's made with leftover fabrics from Judy's wedding and we gave her red lips, too. She kept asking for her all day long and I kept telling her no... but then I caved.

I remembered that I promised her one a LONG time ago and never made good on the promise, so I wiped out my debt out and made my daughter so happy.
Look at that face!

These stuffed dolls are just so fun to make and gift and sell. Little girls love them.
I love making their faces with sweet cheeks and eyelashes!
Lucy wanted to know why I made them all sleeping... but I don't think they're sleeping... I think they're laughing so hard, their eyes are closed. :)
That's what I look like when I smile or laugh hard.

...and I do that a lot.

All these dolls are made with Bit of Whimsy's Mer Mae doll pattern with a few modifications.
I change their face, obviously, and make the arms larger and sometimes change up the ruffle on the waist.
You know I hate making the same thing all the time. I've got to change it up.

Tomorrow I'm really gonna try and do that lovie tutorial you guys have been waiting for.
I need to make my baby toys to send to Terri Jo, too.
Have you guys made anything?


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love these!!! I was curious as to how much Rose will be? My youngest daughter's name is Madison Rose and she would love her! My email is ldsmom3x@yahoo.com if you would like to contact me through that :) Thank you for sharing all of your talent with us!

BConky said...

They are adorable. Love the picture of all thier heads together.

Amanda S. said...

How cute! I can see why little girls love them so much!

jchunt2006 said...

These are absolutely adorable! I've been looking for a mermaid doll for my daughter that has suitable clothing for her young age. I was wondering how much it would be for Carina? My email is jchunt2006@gmail.com so please contact me regarding price and if these are even available anymore. Thank you so much!