Thursday, May 3, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Wanna see how cute I was?

Okay... now stop looking at my big brother... yeah, yeah, he's cute, too, and look at me.

Cute, right. Look at my little gloves. gasp. my little hat. my little red bow. I love this picture and I love this outfit and my Mom made it for me!

I don't have many things from when I was a kid. Dad was in the army, we moved a lot and Mom was very generous and passed a bunch of clothes down to other kids, but this one made it. I pulled it out of my hope chest the other day and look:

Isn't she adorable!!!
It probably would've fit better last year. It's slightly short in the arms and the length of the dress, but I love it on her.

I love it on her so much. I love this outfit with the big collar and red trim.

The waistline on the dress, the pleats,

her little red shoes

She's so adorable in this.

I'm so glad I have it.
I'm so glad my Mom made it for me.
It's still bringing me joy.
That's the awesomeness of sewing... isn't it?


Colleen said...

Its great that you saved something your mom made for you. I see where you get your talent. and it looks great on your daughter!

BConky said...

It's so cute on her. Might fit Lucy better. I love the Annie outfit.

Amanda S. said...

SO, so adorable! I can see why she kept it. I like to hold onto all the homemade things I make my kids. Although I don't make nearly the amount of things that you do!

Mrs.Fitz said...

Cole, i think Mom has a picture of you in that outfit in one of the family albums. I'll see if I can find it and scan it for you. Such a great outfit!

Sew Sweet by Beth said...

It look so adorable on her! I love when you have something that your mom made... I have several dresses that my Grandma made, I need to try them on my daughter. Beth