Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1st prize winner~ Custom swimsuit

Colleen of sewinspired won my 1st prize give-a-way for a custom swimsuit and matching dolly suit. She decided to get the Retro Cherries swimsuit and give it to her granddaughter, Sarah.

I was hoping that she would pick something totally different (cause I love making different things), but I do REALLY love this one, too. 
I think it turned out really cute and I was so relieved when Colleen said it fit and that Sarah liked it.

I always worry that it won't fit or that someone won't like what I make. 

I was so thrilled to get these pictures of Sarah in her new swimsuit!

She is such a pretty thing with all that dark hair! I'm so happy that she has a suit to fit her. I know how hard it is to find a tall, skinny one piece!!

I did make some adjustment to add length to her small frame and fully lined it, to keep it modest with that white fabric.

Thank you so much Colleen for letting me use your pictures and for being so fun to work with!

I've made 7 full size swimsuits since I've been here and four dolly swimsuits, and still have more to make!