Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back from a week at Grumps!

We made it to TX and DANG is it HOT!

My father in law got married this past weekend to the sweetest little lady. We had such a blast at their wedding, getting to know her friends and family, and making new memories.

I love the slow pace of the farm and watching the cousins play together, but I sure do miss fast internet service when I'm there. I also wasn't too fond of getting stung by a scorpion twice in the night~ in bed!!! But we're back at my parents house and I'm gonna get back to work... when I'm not snuggling up the babies and visiting with my family.

Summertime is too much fun to waste.


mayo said...

The pictures speak by themselves. You have a lovely weekend indeed!!! And also one can tell by the pictures why your kids are so goodlooking.... Your father in law is so handsome for his age, and he got himself a very pretty lady too, pass my congrats along to the lovely new weds!!!

Beth Comella said...

Oh My!!!!! A scorpion in the bed... I don't think I could have slept all night.