Friday, June 1, 2012

Cute little Graduation Gifts for my Fox Meadow Graduates

The school my kids go to has a fox for a mascot, so when I saw these adorable fabric panels perusing Spoonflower the other day, I just had to have them. I thought I'd make them up and give them as graduation presents... but I never got them made.

So, I decided today was the day. I put off everything else and set out to stitch them up.

I love them.

There's Super Fox for William, my little super fox man.

Foxy girl for my sweet Kindergarten graduate.

Here they are from behind.

Look at those little tails!

And those little shoes!.... swoon!

These were so much fun to make~ except attaching the arms and legs.
I've never made dolls like this, so I could really use a YouTube video or something, but couldn't find one.

I  sewed them from side to side on Ella's first, but didn't really like how it bunched up the body.
Then, I tacked them on William's, but they seem really flimsy... like if he pulls the legs or arms too hard, they'll fall right off. hmmm.... any tips on how to do this???

Look at those little undies! So cute.

And check out the separate capes.

William didn't like how I made them kiss in the photo shoot.
He was standing by saving Super Fox from Super Foxy and spreading them apart.

I'd say of the two, William is way more excited about them then Ella, but then... she's pretty excited, too.

Poor Mr. Super Fox, he just can't get away from Miss Super Foxy... she wants to kiss him so bad.
Super Fox had to fly away on his own....

I love that William still loves to play!


Amanda S. said...

EEEK!!! These are so stinkin' cute!

Waseem said...

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