Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ella looses her first tooth!

We hit a milestone in our house Friday morning.
Ella lost her first tooth!

It was loose for a couple of weeks before she finally had the courage to let me yank it out.

She wanted to make sure that everyone was there, so we did it Friday morning before Daddy went to work. Holding hands with Daddy and William and with Lucy standing close by, she had it pulled with a little apprehension, but no tears. I was so proud of her!
... and man, that thing had a root on it, too.

She wrote a note asking the tooth fairy if she could keep her 1st tooth.
I think that's kinda gross.... but she likes it.

We had her tooth pillow made already. We started a pintrest board just as soon as it got loose.
I was shocked when she chose this Shari Marie file for her tooth pillow, but I think it's so cute.

Of course, she wanted me to add a crown to the little tooth, so it doesn't fit quite perfectly, but she is thrilled with it. We also added her name with the Steinweiss Script from Hang To Dry Applique, which has quickly become my favorite font. 

This little bear is so soft and girly. The fabric is some minky from my Mom's stash and it's so perfect.

The tooth fairy brings gold dollars in this household and Ella was seriously the most excited tooth fairy recipient in the history of ever. She woke up before 6 a.m. screaming "Silver and GOLD, silver and GOLD" at the top of her lungs. It was hilarious!

Then we had to go to Target at 8 am so she could spend her two dollars.
She had to wear an "I lost my tooth" badge!

I just LOVE these badges from Pickle Pie Designs.
Someone else does, too.

Have you ever seen a more excited 1st tooth loser?

She's such a big girl...


BConky said...

So cute. Love the big smile.

Amanda S. said...

Really really cute!

Colleen said...

Ella has nice smile and i like her bear too.