Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kwik Sew Swimsuit

This pattern always gives me fits, but I keep coming back to it.

So when my niece told me she needed a swimsuit because
"Sophie has a lot of swimsuits and I don't have any." I just had to oblige.
She is three. 
I also brought her 7 swimsuits. 
But she was just TOO cute to say no to.

She picked the fabric herself (this one came from Girl Charlee) and chose the embroidery file from GGDesigns.

She loves the kitty on there! I let her push the start button on the embroidery machine while we were stitching it out, so she's telling everyone that she 'helped' me sew it.

She's so cute!!!

I made this suit in a record 40 minutes from start to finish... I couldn't believe it.
I made the entire thing on the serger and with Mom's coverstitch machine (which I've completely fallen in love with). I am going to miss it so much.

Isn't she just the cutest thing?
I told her I'm taking her home with me... and I'm pretty sure she'd be willing to go.

Her suit is a little on the big side, because I just used the pattern I had traced off for Lucy, but Alyssa doesn't seem to mind.

The back of this swimsuit is my favorite part.
I need to re-draft the entire thing, as it's pretty funky in sizing and I want to make a bunch of them. It's just too cute.

Like my nieces, which I have been enjoying so much.
Sophie wanted to get into the modeling action with Alyssa.

She's been doing a lot of it since my little sister opened her etsy shop. 

Look at these working Cinderella dresses she made for one of her customers.
It was so awesome that we had enough girls to model them all.

I'll be leaving my Mom and Dad's this weekend to go back to my in laws for a week and I'm already dreading saying good-bye to these cutie pies.


BConky said...

And we will be dreading seeing you all go back.